Medical Schools in Ukraine

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Why medical school in Ukraine is a good choice?

Many years medical school in Ukraine have been very popular among international students. Entrants from different corners of Africa, Middle East and India are especially interested in getting Medical Education in Ukrainian Schools and colleges. English programs, low fees and cost of living, simple procedure of admission — these are the main reasons why foreigners prefer med school in Ukraine, but it is not all.

High level of schools quality and diversity of establishments

Ukrainian medical colleges are famous thanks to their outstanding educational base recognized throughout the world. Proven study system have been developed dozens of years ago and since that time sets a high bar even to European establishments. Add to this almost twice-lower price and you get the perfect opportunity, if seeking for really good medical education.

In addition, there are several universities and colleges in such big cities as Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv and others, where you can achieve medicine doctor degree. Thanks to big choice of establishments, international students can select the ones, that are respond to individual demands of each entrant

What do you need to get medical education in Ukraine?

Accommodation and studying process of medical school in Ukraine for international students includes next step:

· Invitation from university or college.

· Visa application.

· Arrival to study with full package of documents.

· Passing of pre-study courses.

· Accommodation.

All of this steps are simplified with Leader Education program, which is founded specifically for international students.

What about additional tests like IELTS or TOEFL?

Some of foreigner entrants are nervous about the med school in Ukraine in english because of assumptions that they must pass IELTS or TOEFL tests. But we have good news — you don’t have to pass those tests. This is an important distinctive feature of learning mbbs in Ukraine in comparison of Europe or USA.

Your value as a specialist from Ukrainian medical universities

By the end of study, graduates need just one more thing to become doctors or a practitioners in India — screening test of Medical Council of India (MCI). Furthermore, if you get MCI registration once, you’ll become even more valuable specialist than graduates from India. So, now you know how great it is to study in Ukrainian medical universities and colleges. What’ next? All of it depends on you and your choice!

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