Mbbs in Ukraine for Indian Students


Advantages of MBBS education in Ukraine

Many of international students choose MBBS in Ukraine because of several reasons. First of all is a low cost of study and high level of quality at the same time. Another important argument — students don’t need to pass IELTS or TOEFL tests, and it’s significantly simplifies whole admission procedure. But there is one more advantage of MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students and other foreigners — Leader Education platform.

Why Ukraine?

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Student Life

The question of MBBS price

There is a huge difference in fee between MBBS in Ukraine and India — it is not a revelation to anyone. Hundreds of young boys and girls have not enough cash to pay for study in universities in motherland. Ukraine has a strong medical educational base and proposes great opportunities to all who wants to take good MBBS. Much more low cost of study doesn’t indicate it’s quality — Ukrainian teachers and professors give European-level knowledge with practical experience.

Less language demands — more freedom

While IELTS and TOEFL tests in other countries are necessary to foreign entrants, students don’t have to pass it in process of admission in Ukraine establishments. Such a loyal policy makes higher education in Ukraine one of the most available in Europe. It’s time to think about the real opportunity of self-improvement in medicine and make dreams come true without high donations.

The oldest medicine school in country

To those who doubt in choosing of Ukraine MBBS education we want to note that the medicine school in this country exists so many decades. The legacy of remarkable scientists and doctors lives inside the libraries, laboratories and cabinets. History of many medical researches and discoveries has been written not only in books, but also in minds of thousands graduates that work and practice today throughout the world.

What is Leader Education and how it helps international students to get MBBS?

Decision to move to other country getting MBBS is a serious step. Different culture, different language and rules — and this just a small part of difficulties that international entrants may face. We are make path of young foreigners in search of knowledge as easy as possible from beginning to final goal.

Students start their study in the most suitable MBBS establishments with help of Leader Education. Our specialists always search the best options to entrants and recommend those Ukrainian universities and colleges, which have the highest level and perfect reputation.

What else do we do?

· Free consultations to entrants, and guidance before their arrival.

· Individual selection of college or university to each applicant.

· Help with collecting all documents, including their translation and legalization.

· Assist in getting credit in bank and visa.

· Full support from pickup at the airport due to hostel accommodation.

Generally, our organization takes a comprehensive care to future medicine specialist from India. We are your personal guides and advisors, so you can be calm for all organization issues.

Where you can go to practice then?

After the end of study you can use your knowledge anywhere you choose. It can be India or one of the countries in Europe, or even United States. There are many options for qualified medical specialists and what of them to prefer is depending only on you. Don’t delay your future as a medicine doctor when you have such a great chance to take all you need as a student in Ukraine! Remember — you have reliable assistants in Leader Education.

It’s time to decide what you really want — to get a huge package of knowledge and build a brilliant career or leave this dream to the best times. Life won’t wait, so lets begin!

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Ukrainian State Center for International Education