Education in Ukraine — why foreigners are so interested in it?

The influx of international entrants in Ukrainian educational establishments is explained by several reasons. Some young people are keen to learn about cultural features and know what it’s like to be a student in such an interesting country. The other ones are attracted by the low cost of studying and accommodation. But first of all, most of foreigners want to get education in Ukraine because of its high level and effective system. Loyal fee of tuition isn’t the only reason, of course, and not the main at the same time.

Vast choice of establishments

More than 235 universities gladly accept hundreds of foreign entrants every year. The range of specializations in various fields is tremendous — each entrant can choose exactly that direction of study that is most closely matches to his goals and demands. Among the Ukrainian universities there are both state and private establishments. It is mean very flexible conditions for students, so education in Ukraine for international students gives a lot of opportunities and freedom.

Everyone who has preferred to study in Ukraine can get such levels of higher education as Junior Bachelor, Bachelor, Master, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science. Also in most of establishments students can get postgraduate education. But how the whole procedure of admission and getting education in Ukraine for foreigners is carried out?

Pre-admission features of education in Ukraine for foreigners

Each institution has its own rules and order of admission procedure. General condition in each case is that entrants must receive an invitation letter from establishment. There can be insignificant differences on the stage of collecting documents, but, as a rule, most of steps are approximately the same.

For simplifying the whole process of admission there is a special education agency Ukraine has for foreigners. It’s called Leader Education and that’s why entrants should consider the following:

· Full support for applicants on every stage of admission
· Assistance in all issues concerning documents
· Search for the most suitable option among the educational establishments
· Help with accommodation

Interesting, isn’t it? So what do you think about the opportunity of studying in Ukraine now? We will gladly guide you in your way of achieving the prestige educational level if you’re interested. All you need is to contact us, then we will begin the realization of your dreams!

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