Additional opportunities of Odessa National Maritime University students

  • If student of ONMU wish they may have very eventful life they can take part in sport events, there is a great sport complex in the university.
  • In ONMU there is the tradition of KVN (an abbreviation of Klub Vesyólykh i Nakhódchivykh or Ka-Ve-En, “Club of the Funny and Inventive”).Duet “Bratia Shumachery” (англ. “Shumacher brothers”) Yuri Veliky and Sergei Tsvylovsky are our graduates.
  • Every year Department Days, Talents Days and many other events take place.
  • ONMU also has something to offer for the students who like studying. Students’ and postgraduates’ scientific community of ONMU ( is the representation of students’ developing science, they may take part in conferences and scientific works completions, as well.
  • In ONMU one may become the member of Student Self-governance Council ( that has competent right in decision of important issues of university. This is an opportunity for the students to influence the development of their university and to be at the same level with university administration.
  • Student Self-governance Council organizes events within university and beyond it. Here is noninclusive list of the events for the recent time:“Nedelya lyubvi” (Love week), “8 marta” (Women’s Day), “Talanty tvoi, Wodny” (Your Talents, Maritime University), Open Day for senior pupils, All-Ukraine social project “Mesyatz dobrych del” (Kindness Day), voluntary work together with the fund “Serdzem k serdzu” (Heart to Heart).
  • And at length, thanks to Student Self-governance, everybody may become a participant and/or organizer of exciting collective tourist trips with friends (Carpathians, Lvov, Uman). We are sure that if only students want they can entertain themselves to the maximum. Desire is all they need!
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