Odessa is Ukraine’s most charming city. Odessa is referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea“.

Features of getting MBBS in Odessa

If we are talking about MBBS in Ukraine Odessa, the first establishment that should be mentioned is Odessa National Medical University, of course. It’s one of the most respectful examples of MBBS in Ukraine. International entrants are considering study in ONMedU like a great perspective. In this establishment students can get the general degrees like Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. It opens the door for becoming Medicine Doctor in future.

An institution with rich history

Odessa National Medical University was established in 1900. Back then institution was just a faculty of Novorossiyskiy State University placed in Odessa. In 1922 it became an independent State Institute. For such a long period of time establishment became one of the main MBBS universities in Ukraine with high level of teaching. ONMedU is recognized not only in Europe, but in the USA as well.

There are more than 55 faculties in ONMedU that include such directions like pharmacy, dentistry and others. More than 400 lecturers, 100 professors and 40 academicians are representative teaching staff. With all of this advantages you can conclude that the ONMedU is the best choice for getting MBBS in Odessa and one of the leading MBBS

What you need to accommodate in Odessa National Medical University

Before you will start study MBBS, you need to go through several stages. First of all you must have an invitation letter from institution. After that, you and other international entrants should pass pre-admission courses — they last for 10 month. The preparatory period helps you to adapt and learn the cultural features of Ukraine and Odessa. You also getting basic knowledge of chemistry, anatomy, physics and other subjects in process.

By the end of MBBS preparatory courses entrants guaranteed admission to 1st year of studying in ONMedU. But there are a lot of other things that international students should take care of:

· Full package of necessary documents;

· A place to live;

· Prices and fees of studying and living in hostel.

With help of Leader Education program all foreign students can be calm about all of those things. Our specialists will guide you on every step of pre-accommodation and provide all the comfortable conditions.

Study, live and walk steadily to your goal

So, if you’ll decide to come to Odessa, MBBS would be an excellent choice not only for studying but also for your cultural enrichment!

Odessa – Europe’s Best City #1

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