Odessa Medical institute Odessa national Humanitarian university

Odessa Medical Institute of the International Humanitarian University International Humanitarian
University is one of the most modern universities in Ukraine and is one of the cheapest universities in Europe. We provide excellent quality of education for local and international students and give worldwide recognized diplomas.
• Low tution fees
• Modern equipment
• Experienced staff
• High quality of education
Odessa Medical Institute of the International humanitarian university was established in January 2009.
After the process of preparation and execution of documents, a license was granted for the provision of educational services by educational institutions related to obtaining higher education at the level of qualification requirements for a specialist.

In accordance with the curriculum several directions (general and clinical pharmacology, technology of medicines, medical chemistry, biology and pharmacology) were formed and a department of general and clinical pharmacology was created. The department teaches biology with the basics of genetics, the basis of microbiology, modern problems of molecular biology, microbiology with the basics of immunology, clinical immunology, normal and pathological physiology, general surgery (with surgical surgery and topographic anatomy), neuropathology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, phthisiology, oncology, radiology, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, physical education. Clinical bases of the department are the leading medical establishments in Odessa: Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region of the Ministry of Education and Science, DZ «Road Hospital of the State Enterprise» Odessa Railroad «, City Clinical Hospital № 10, multi-profile sanatoria» White Acacia «and» Arcadia»

The teaching staff of the department is constantly working on improving the educational and pedagogical process, introducing the latest learning technologies.
Active participation in the work of the scientific group of the department and the preparation of students for scientific and practical conferences are d.med.n., professor Romanchuk O.P., candidate of technical sciences.
Odessa Medical Institute
226 Pharmacy
224 Technologies of Medical diagnostics and Treatment
221 Dentistry
226 Pharmacy (specialization: Technology of perfumery and cosmetics products)

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