mbbs in ukraine with scholarship
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Medicine scholarships in Ukraine — how international students can get it?

Free education in all meanings sounds great, especially if you also get the money for study. But in case of medicine scholarships in Ukraine the situation is not so bright as you could hope. In this country government may pay scholarship to foreign students only in very special conditions. More precisely, those payments provide even not by a Ukrainian government personally. Though international students don’t receive the scholarship in most of cases, it doesn’t diminish the advantages of study in Ukraine.

Why there are no scholarships for international students in Ukraine?

Education in Ukraine is very cheap in comparison with other European countries and it’s one of the main reasons, why international students don’t get special payments from government. In fact, there are just no provisions about scholarships for foreign students like a regular condition in educational program on the government level.

Private Universities — is an alternate way to get the scholarship, but it’s implies some individual features in every institution of such type. This means that the level of payments will also be different. In addition, every private university has it own list of conditions that allows foreign students get the scholarship only if the state representatives of those students have special contract with institution. As you understand this procedure is a little bit difficult, but if you will successfully realize it, your study will be more interesting:

  • Financial support
  • Personal advantages and guarantees
  • Motivation to get better marks

Exchange programs for international students

Maybe it’s not so easy to get scholarship in Ukrainian educational establishments without additional efforts, you still can try to study in this country with special privileges according to exchange programs. If you are a student in your country you have a chance to go swap places with someone of students on such program and study MBBS in Ukraine with scholarship if you have already study on such conditions in your motherland.

Exchange programs for students are very popular and it’s sometimes easier way to study with scholarship than contract with third-party organizations. If you are in doubts, but consider this option, we can help you to find more suitable variant for exchange. Don’t be upset if you won’t get the scholarship in total — you still can study medicine in Ukraine with the best conditions in fees and become the recognizable specialist in this field.