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MBBS entrance exams abroad in particular in Ukraine

An mbbs admission process to highest institutions throughout the world has a lot of difference, but there is one same thing in every university and college regardless of place — entrance exams. This stage of admission campaign is most exciting and tense for entrants, especially if they are going to enter the university in other country. There is a whole list of MBBS entrance exams abroad if you want to study medicine overseas and in several cases you have an opportunity to become a student without much efforts.

What exams you need to pass for studying medicine in Ukrainian universities

Before we will talk about admission features in medical institutions in Ukraine, let’s see what requires have universities in other countries. In most of cases conditions are the same and includes such entrance exams for MBBS in abroad and other tests like:

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • Graduate Record Examination
  • Medical College Admission Test

Looking on this list of medical entrance exams abroad you may get nervous and we totally understand that. If your goal — is an entrance to university in United States or in some European countries then get ready to real challenge. It’s not exactly what you planning? Then we have good news — you can forget about all those scary tests listed above. In Ukraine, for example, medical entrance exams abroad are almost absent. No, it’s not a joke — all you need to become student in this country is higher secondary examination. As an alternate variant you may have the Indian School Certificate, which is allow you to enter the medical institutions in Ukraine too.

I still can’t believe that…

Despite that how unbelievably sounds the information about admission in Ukrainian institutions you just need to admit it. Educational programs for international students here are so comprehensive and it’s one of the main reasons why entrants from India and other countries choose this option. Just think about it — you don’t have to pass even IELTS and TOEFL tests, which is mandatory almost in every educational establishment opened for international students.

If you still a little bit shocked of such simplicity, you can search the international medical entrance exams for MBBS on the official web sites of different institutions. Also we should mention that in Ukrainian institutions students can entered the postgraduate faculty. If you will do it in the same university where just have finished the basic course, then you will have additional advantages. Check out the medical PG entrance exams abroad in other educational establishments and compare them with current conditions in Ukrainian medical school — you’ll be pleasantly surprised!