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Low cost education — where is the cheapest medical school in Ukraine?

It just so happened that cost of medical education in Ukraine is pretty low. Despite this, international entrants choose institutions in this country for many others reasons too. But since we started talking about fees, let’ s find out what is the cheapest medical school in Ukraine if there is one. Maybe in some cities foreigners may find most suitable option and save a lot of money.

○ Is it really so cheap as everybody say?

To feel the financial difference between medical education in Ukraine and USA, for example, let’s see the numbers. Average fees in private medical school in United States is almost 280, 000$ for four-year course. In public establishments costs are little bit lower — 205, 000$ approximately. At the same time fees in Ukrainian institutions are vary between 1500-5000$ per year. It means from 9000$ to 30 000$ for a full sixty-year course! Do you realize that it is more than 5 times lower in Ukraine?

Now, look at the fees in England: £9000-10 000 per year — and that’s a condition for those who live in UK. For students from other countries the cost is more than £17 000 for the first two years and in order to continue your studying you’ll have to pay additional £35 000+ for the rest of the course. It’s not that necessary to sum up, because it’s clear that Ukrainian education is more attractive if we’re talking about fees.

○ Quality knowledge for the low price

We are immediately want to clarify that the level of education in Ukraine is much more high than its costs. So if you think that is study in this country makes no sense, than drive these thoughts away. Ukrainian medical school is recognizable throughout the world and famous by its proven system. Now you understand — there is no reasons for doubts!

○ Okay, where I can study cheaper?

When we found out the real difference in cost levels, you may be interested where is the cheapest medical school in Ukraine for international students located. Well, there is no answer for this question indeed. Average fees in different institutions are almost the same. Okay-okay, we have listed several establishments, which are cheaper than the rest of medical schools in country. But at the same time most of these places are the respectful examples among the students from different corners of the world. Check it out below:

· Vinnitsya Medical Nadtional University
· Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy
· Odessa State Medical University
· Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
· Zaporozhye State Medical University
· Kyiv National Medical University
· Kharkiv National Medical University

These cities aren’t placed in the order of growth or decline of fees — there are simply the most popular institutions among foreigner entrants. It doesn’t make any sense to find the cheapest university to study medicine in Ukraine since all of them have loyal conditions in fees. Choose the most suitable option after searching of reviews and advantages of some establishments.

○ Are there any additional donations?

Programs for international entrants clearly denote all costs for study and living in student hostel. That’s all — no more donations. If you want to know more information, we always glad to provide you an answer for every nuance and step of your admission. With our help you’ll find not just a cheap medical school in Ukraine, but you’ll make the right choice on the way to your successful career as Medicine Doctor!

It’s not all about the money, it’s about opportunity and it’s waiting for you in Ukraine. You have a great alternative to excessively high prices in American or English institutions. So why not use it and begin to study in the university, that is not inferior in quality of education to other developed countries.