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Central Scientific LibraryThe Central Scientific Library was founded in 1804 on the initiative of the prominent educator, public figure and scholar V. N. Karazin. The general fund of the library counts more than 3 350 000 copies. Among them, there are more than 1.7 million copies of scientific literature, 1.1 million copies of textbooks. The unique collection of rare books and manuscripts counts nearly 60,000 copies, including the collection of incunabula (issues printed before 1500), paleotyps (1501-1550 ), and considerable collections of Ukrainian and foreign printed ancient editions (XVI-XVIII centuries) and the editions of the prominent figures of science and classical literature. (1823 -1825).


5 lending library subscriptions, 12 reading halls,the service of the interlibrary subscriptions, 2 specialized rooms with catalogs, The Centre of Internet Technologies ,The Hall of literature on the history of the University, The Hall of the regional history books of Greece and Cyprus, created with assistance of A. Leventis (Cyprus),and The Information Center “Window on America”.

The Library provides high-speed Internet access, e-mail, usage of a local computer network LIBER-MEDIA.

Information service is one of the main activities of the library. Clock via the Internet has an electronic catalog with electronic orders and electronic access to your membership form, CSL provides access to many well-known electronic databases online library of educational literature CUL Online – More than 500 Ukrainian-language training manuals and textbooks recommended Ministry of Education of Ukraine, economic, humanitarian and natural sciences.

Sports Facilities

Unifekht Sports and Fencing Club


The Unifekht SFC is a structural subdivision of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University located in the park zone of the city center. The total area of the club is more than 3 000 m2. It includes a two-level gym, and five aerobics rooms. The club offers a full range of physical training programs: strength fitness, aerobics, yoga, callanetics, pilates, dance studios, martial arts, aqua fitness, baths, sauna, massage. For the students of Karazin University special conditions are created enabling them to choose a program they like! Also, everybody is invited to the trainings for personal qualities development (coach clubs), workshops by leading experts in the fields of nutrition, physical development, activities for proper entertainment and recreation: sports competitions, master classes, dance and literary evenings!

Department of Physical Training and Sports

Physical training and sports are an integral part of the academic process at the University. Since its foundation the University has repeatedly changed the organizational structure and methods of physical training. Now this activities are ensured by the Department of Physical Training and Sports.

The academic process in physical training has been organized by the sectional form: at their physical training lessons students can choose the sport to work out in in groups. The most popular sports among students are aerobics, athletics in gym halls, competitive sports: basketball, volleyball, minifootball, badminton, table tennis and lawn tennis, draughts as well as boxing and kickboxing, sambo and self-defense, taekwondo, fencing, water tourism and archery. Besides, lessons in groups of general physical training are organized while medically fragile students can work out in physical rehabilitation groups. Educational classes in physical training are primarily health-improving in their nature.


KNU has 20 hostels. Hostels are provided with:

  • Free 24 hrs. gas, electricity, hot & cold water and phone.
  • Rooms are centrally heated.
  • Furniture and bedding in rooms is provided by the hostel.
  • Reading rooms and gym are also available in every hostel.
  • Hostels are provided with full security.
  • Student Cafeteria.
  • Hostels are surrounded by green belt with outdoor sport activities like basketball, volleyball, football, etc.
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