Kiev Medical University (KMU)

Doors of Kiev Medical University are open for you

You wish to be a Medicine Doctor someday, but first want to find respectable medical university in Ukraine? Capital of country with its Kiev Medical University is waiting for you! Just imagine — you getting higher medical education in the heartKiev — is a perfect option to international entrants.

One of the most representative medical institution in Ukraine

Despite that Kiev Medical University in Ukraine was founded not so long ago (1992) in comparison with Odessa National Medical University, it could gained the status of one of the leading Ukrainian medical institutions. That’s why this establishment attracts so much attention of international entrants, especially from India, some countries of Africa and Near East. But is it worth it? Definitely yes.

Kiev national university has highest level of accreditation and it means that the graduates can pass med. licensing tests and examinations in such countries as USA, as example. University is recognized in couple of medical councils of Europe, United Kingdom, Ghana, Pakistan, Nigeria and many others.

Faculties and directions

Structure of institution consists of this main faculties:

· Medicine;
· Dental;
· Pharmacy;
· Preparatory.

First three study directions include almost 20 specifications, which you can choose during the admission process. Diversity of specializations is one of the main advantages of Kiev university entrants. In addition to low costs of education and accommodation this institution became a great choice for international students.

Steps, documents and requirements for admission

In Kiev Medical University admission procedure includes many steps that you should pass to become a student. Basically it’s a collection of several applications, submissions and copies of necessary documents (passport, or another certificate of identity if you don’t have a passport, etc.). Also you should have an original invitation letter from KMU, original school certificates or documents about another acquired education and several more certificates that are listed on official site of institution.

Yes, there are lots of things, but you can significantly simplify the whole admission process with Leader Education services. Admission will be easier if we take care of all organizational issues.

Don’t delay your dreams and start acting now

International entrants seeking for good Kiev Medical College Ukraine is a wonderful option. You can study in one of the best Kiev medical educational establishments of country without much expense. In UK or USA costs of education are in 2-3 times more expensive and that is often a serious barrier. But that should not bother you, because there is an excellent alternative in Kiev, Ukraine!

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