KHARKIV Medical University

Discover learning perspectives in Kharkiv Medical University

Once this city was a capital of Ukraine. By now Kharkiv is the second largest city in country and a cradle of higher education. It is also a recognizable center of research in Eastern part of Europe and of course a location of Kharkiv Medical College, which is actually has a higher accreditation level today. This University establishment is founded at the beginning of 19th century and was only a faculty in Kharkiv University at first. Years later it acquired status of Medical Institute and then — Kharkiv National Medical University and has it rank to this days.

KNMU Benefits to entrants from the other countries

More than 60 years the institution has been preparing medical specialists not only from Ukraine. KMNU have been attracting attention of foreign entrants already long time, especially from Near and Far East, Europe and Africa. Since the 50’s years of past century more than 7000 international graduates have been came out. There are famous doctors and scientists among those graduates. Many of them hold honorary posts in parliaments and ministries or even manage their own clinics today.

Teaching staff — there are more than 100 Professors, almost 400 Candidates of Medical Science and also dozens of other academicians. Kharkiv National Medical University has over 700 teachers in total. It guarantees the highest level of education to all who came for getting knowledge.

Directions and tuition fees

The list of main specializations in KMNU you can see on the official web site. Each faculty includes different directions, which you can choose upon admission procedure. Here is the list of subjects you will be learning:

· Internal medicine;
· Pediatrics;
· Surgery;
· Gynecology and obstetrics;
· General practice;
· Infectious diseases, etc.

The average cost of attendace for one year at Kharkiv Medical University is 4800 USD for English medium if we talk about General medicine and MBBS. Dentistry and Nursing fees are 5400 USD and 3000 USD respectively. More information of tuition fees in other faculties and also for accommodation, medical check-up and insurance you can find on official web site of KMNU. Already now you can make a conclusion that the cost of studying in this establishment is significantly lower than in USA or Europe.

Your reliable guide and advisor in admission procedure

International entrants face different difficulties in process of Kharkiv Medical University admission and in most cases it all about documents. With Leader Education the whole admission campaign becomes easier. We help you with collecting all necessary documents and provide comfortable admission procedure to the institution on each of its stages.

Because of its advantages, Kharkov Medical College Ukraine proves that education in this country holds a high bar once again and opens many excellent opportunities for international students.

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