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Jyoti Chaudhary

India Uttar Pradesh

Student of 1 course

My Story

How did you choose University?

Honestly i choose university as it comes in the 3rd largest city of Ukraine located on coastal side … it is heaven for students specially as it comprises of 5 huge educational institutes …most important Odessa national university is government university … fee structure is affordable … study pattern is simply too good.

What was the main in choosing of University? And why MBBS ?

In India its very tough to get a government university we need to pass the national cum entrance still… every student don’t get govrt. One … but Оdessa national medical university is government .. we don’t need to give any entrance for being a student of MBBS … personally .. am glad to be a part of such great university who is allowing me to achieve my goals.

Why did you choose Odessa?

I choose Odessa as its near coast of the black sea … climate is good … we can enjoy snowfall as well as summer time … in all its very beautiful city … 3rd largest city of Ukraine

How did you find Leader Education ?

When i get to know that i won’t be able to get government college … my parents decided to send me abroad for MBBS …  after that i started working on that …then i found many reviews on page of leader education … i just randomly started looking for all videos… which were uploaded … i honestly like it as it was genuine … i told all bot it to my parents we get the contact no.  And all… we went to its office in Agra … finally met a person ( Dr. Ashu Rawat) …. and that men finally becomes my first pen to success … as he have a great power to help students to achieve their goals

What was the first impression about company?

First impression was its real videos in reviews … after that when we went to Agra .. in office of leader education …get to know more about its admission process which was quit good and affordable

What fears and doubts did you have?

The only fear i was having that whether university is genuine or not … about study pattern? … Hostel? No doubt all doubts were cleared already by Ashu sir and Abhishek Agrawal but still … i was totally satisfied when I came here and spend few days…

Few words about flight and hostel settlement ?

Well settlement was good we were taken perfectly from India … and when we reached Odessa … Ashu sir and Vlada was there to receive us … with a cab … help us to take our luggage … after reaching hostel our seniors took our luggage … we get everything … good dinner then we get to our rooms … which was beautiful … in all hostel is very safe and surrounded by all kinds of facility we need … everything India

Hostel living how is it?

Hostel life is super … it’s very safe our seniors are always there to help us… otherwise for big issues Ashu sir, Vlada are always there …washrooms are good …rooms are well maintained and furnished

Tell about communication with Ukrainian citizens

It’s not so tough to communicate with Ukrainian citizen unless and until we start getting to understand their language … which is not so difficult but gradually takes time … so practice

Academic achievements

Well academic achievement is scoring good marks and being a good student , as I am in first year .. that’s all i can say.

Taking part in Social life

We join in all events organized by leader education … which are great … holi diwali parties and all …in hostel birthday parties … hang out with friends

Plans and dreams

Plans and dreams never get finished … till now I am only looking forward to become a good doctor and make my parents proud … after mbbs gonna see where should go for further studies…. all credit to my parents and LEADER EDUCATION….