ukraine mbbs value in india

ukraine mbbs vs indian mbbs

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Does Ukraine MBBS value in India?

You are extremely excited of getting medical degree in one of Ukrainian universities? But first you may be interested how much Ukraine MBBS value in India, especially when you are an ambitious young entrant from this country. This is a pertinent question since it would be an unpleasant surprise if you come back to India with Bachelor degree in medicine and won’t have a chance to practice. No one wants to loose their time especially if we’re talking about such a serious field as medicine. It wouldn’t have happened if you know the situation in general and about ways of realizing your acquired professional skills.

MBBS in Ukraine vs. India — who will get the job?

So, let’s find out what is the main difficulty in getting job in India after finishing basic course of medicine in Ukrainian medical establishments. First things first there is no so-called MBBS in Ukraine vs India confrontation. You can successfully practice if:

  • The university you have graduated from is listed in the WDMS (World Directory of Medical Schools)
  • The Embassy of India in Ukraine is attested by your medical degree
  • You have passed the MCI Screening Test (it is necessary for every graduate of medical institutions)

If all of these conditions are met, you can start to practice without any barriers and build a career.

Sometimes it’s all about the money…or not?

Money question is definitely important, but not determining at the same time. Nevertheless, most of entrants are interested in opportunity to study in Ukraine exactly because of the low costs. In case of Ukraine MBBS vs Indian MBBS confrontation, if we still look at it that way, in battle for the lower costs and fees Ukraine is getting clear victory. Almost. There are colleges in India with total price for MBBS course about $1700. That sounds very attractive, but it’s very difficult to find such cheap options and withstand competition with other entrants.

The costs are directly depend on rank of the university you choose. And if you pursuit only the cheapest options, prepare for a low quality of education. In addition to all of this it must be noticed that the level of training in Ukraine is impressively high. That is not surprising — medical school in this country exists for a long time and for this period it became authoritative and recognizable throughout the world.
That language tests are not so easy

Did you hear about IELTS and TOEFL tests that are refer to main demands of admission in many universities in different countries? You probably did and so you know that these tests are not so simple. If you considering studying in another country, you must be ready to pass the IELTS or TOEFL. Ukraine in this case is exception — you can enter medical or any other university without such a serious check of language knowledge.

Despite the fact, that training is in English, all material is fed in understandable way, which includes only the main terms and definitions. It helps students to better assimilate the information and as a result successfully pass the exams. Language boundaries always have been a serious problem in case of education, but it become significantly easier in recent years.

Enjoy studying and realize yourself as medical specialists

We hope that we managed to convince you that is Ukraine MBBS degree valid in India and it’s worth to study in Ukrainian medical institutions. There are so many advantages and options that you get while studying as a foreign student in this country. And there are more of them if you consider a perspective of living in Ukraine: great cities with its rich history, unique places and interesting people. Open all of this for yourself and get a lot more than a good education!