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UG Course: General Medicine (English)StomatologyPharmaceuticsPreparatory Course
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What is MBBS application form 2018 in Ukraine?

Rules and steps of admission in higher educational establishments are being changed almost every year throughout the world. Governments try to improve the whole procedure for entrants and you should know some details if you want to study in Ukraine. The MBBS application form 2018 is not so different from last year’s. Mainly, changes have affected the fees, and the other constituents are remained almost unchanged.

Features of MBBS admission in Ukraine for foreign entrants

First things first it’s worth mentioning that the opportunity to study in Ukraine is generally an excellent option, especially for international students. Despite the changes in fees, costs of education in this country are still lower than in England or America. That’s why hundreds of foreigners prefer the education exactly in Ukraine.

Conditions of pre-admission and study

In addition of full package of documents and certificates, you should know these moments about medical education before you arrive to the country and begin the admission process:

  • Duration of MBBS course is 6 years
  • You can get post graduated education if you already have MBBS degree
  • Minimum and maximum age of entrants is 17 and 25 years respectively
  • Criteria of eligibility include 50% in PCB test, and a NEET Qualification

Why have we paid attention on application to study medicine in Ukraine, and not any other course? It’s because of medical education being more attracted for most of foreigner entrants, in particular for people from India.

Is medical education in Ukraine has so high level?

Yes, the quality of Ukrainian medical school is in the same league with world’s best institutions. Furthermore, there are thousands of international graduates, which passed through corridors of universities in this country for over the 50 last years. That’s right, the doors of Ukrainian medical educational establishments were opened for foreigners since the middle of the past century.

Who can help with getting more information about admission?

Basic demands, terms and conditions of studying in Ukrainian institutions can be found on the official web resources of those establishments. Also there are different services that are intended for help and assistant of international students about all the questions of admission. And we are one of them.

>The main goal of Leader Education is simplifying the life of foreigner entrants starting from earliest stages. The only thing you need to do is to contact us, and we’ll help you understand the MBBS application 2018 features, and give you some useful advices.