first year mbbs

first year mbbs

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First year MBBS in Ukraine — how does it feel like

It’s always so exciting to start something, especially when you are young and full of bright hopes and dreams. In these conditions accommodation to university feels like something unbelievable because it’s a new important step in your life — a life of first year MBBS student in other country. Who could even imagine a couple of years ago that you will come to Ukraine to enter in one of the medical educational establishments? But now it’s a reality and you must admit it. You haven’t made a final decision about all of this decision yet? Well, let’s talk about first year MBBS course in Ukrainian then and find out how it perspective.

What most of entrants are expecting from the educational program when just have entered the institution or going to do it in the near future? Dozens of subjects of first year MBBS are scare freshmen: chemistry, histology, history of medicine, human anatomy, biophysics, medical biology etc. This is a particular list of subjects, and as you see, it consists of special and common disciplines both.

Study program includes lectures and practical classes, but also a lot of time is allotted to independent work of students. You may ask: «What about the other aspects of my life, like friends, hobbies and other things that make my life complete?» You should look on situation easier — first year MBBS doesn’t «eat» all of your time. Besides, if you are really interested in studying, you will not afraid of amount of the subjects.

Another tips for first year MBBS students

Friends and parents of course will support you in aspiration to study medicine in Ukraine, but we want give you some advices too:

  • Don’t worry, you are not alone — thousands of foreign entrants come to Ukraine for studying every year
  • Dispel all your prejudice — you will see a huge difference between that what you heard about the country and the real state of things
  • There are no lies or exaggerations about cheapness of study — first year of MBBS costs from $6000 to $7800 depending on university you will choose
  • Check the package of documents before admission to make sure that everything is in place
  • Use the Leader Education program to simplify the whole admission campaign starting from choosing of institution and consultation in common questions

Not so long road to success

At first, studying may seem to you so long with all of those subjects and exams, but you will surprise how the MBBS first year duration is short! With all new impressions of Ukraine features, meetings with new friends and visiting of interesting places you will not even notice when the first course ends. Every next year will be faster than previous and here you are — the Bachelor of Medicine!

Total course of studying in Ukrainian medical establishments is 6 years. After getting the MBBS degree you can continue your educational path and achieve more valuable rank. Also, in most of medical institutions of Ukraine students can enter the postgraduate faculty and get the highest degree that will open all career doors to you!