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Abhishek Mishra

Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh

Student of 2 course

My Story

How did you choose University?

I gathered all information about  all well-known Medical Universities in Ukraine I compared fees, services, teaching and after comparing I understood that is the best variant for me with all aspects

What was the main in choosing of University? And why MBBS ?

The main thing that helped me in choosing the university was its studies outcome and the teachers who are highly qualified MBBS,. because I have dreamt of becoming neurosurgeon since childhood

Why did you choose Odessa?

Odessa is known for its heritage and is comparatively better than Russia

How did you find Leader Education ?

Leader education found me through its data bases and help me to get through all the procedures

What was the first impression about company?

Firstly,I came across all the reviews that are being given by the students over there and then got to know this is the only company which keeps supporting students until they are passed out

What fears and doubts did you have?

As a guy, I was confident about myself and because of my consultancy I didn’t had any fears and doubts because before head they cleared all my queries

Few words about flight and hostel settlement ?

Flight had a good service and hostel settlements were good too

Hostel living how is it?

Hostel is well equipped with new furniture new rooms everything comfortable here and everything suits me

Tell about communication with Ukrainian citizens

Ukrainian citizens are amiable and amicable and hence there was no difficulties in having communication

Academic achievements

Cleared all my subjects in time and got promotion to next level

Taking part in Social life

Took part in social life in the university actively

Plans and dreams

I have always been wanting to become doctor who would serve people and heal the acute diseases which no one could