Zaporizhzhya State Medical University

Zaporozhe State Medical University
Zaporozhe State Medical University is considered among the best medical colleges of Ukraine offering MBBS, MD and numerous therapeutic courses. ZSMU is one of the most established advanced medical education organizations of Ukraine with the best level of accreditation among the medical universities in Ukraine.
The college began with a goal to give the best medical education to medical aspirants around the world. ZSMU has turned into a well-known focal point of preparation for MD, Masters of Pharmacy and Bachelors for undergraduates from Ukraine and outside nations. The personnel of Zaporozhe State Medical University has contacts with numerous researchers and educators of medicinal resources of colleges in the U.S., Germany, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Britain and others.
The faculties of Zaporozhe State Medical University are listed below:
• General Medicine. MD.
• Pediatrics. MD.
• Dentistry. MD.
• Pharmacy.


ZSMU has one of a kind game complex with three exercise centers, a stadium with a football field, Olympic style sports divisions, sports ground for handball, volleyball, b-ball, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a wellness club.
The ground of Zaporozhe State Medical University is spread over a vast zone which comprises of 5 academic structures, 20 centers, and 5 hostels for approx. 2900 students and one library with more than 580.000 books and a lobby.
Zaporozhe State Medical University is a modern studying center, which has the highest (IV) accreditation level. This university is one of the oldest institutions of higher medical education in Ukraine.
The University has the possibility of carrying out their individual researches. There is the center of correction of cerebral circulation, the central research laboratory and others, where young specialists increase their skills and knowledge and master new technologies.
Teaching of foreign students from the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia has been held since 1973, when the preparatory department for foreign citizens was opened. It was the first preparatory faculty of medical specialization for foreign citizens in Ukraine. More than 40 years of experience in providing of quality teaching to foreign students from all over the world brought to the university the great international recognition. Many ZSMU graduates successfully work and occupy senior positions in their countries’ health systems.
ZSMU is organized as a students’ city with academic buildings, hospitals, dormitories, libraries, sports center and students’ cafe. This is an isolated secured area. Senior students are trained in hospitals, sometimes located on the other side of the city. The university possesses its own hospital as well. The university has all the conditions to ensure that students receive a deep and solid knowledge: classes are held in small groups, students practice at the best clinics and the city’s pharmacies, where they directly communicate with patients and supervise them. Studying at the university is possible on three different stages: preparatory, main course and post-graduate. The preparatory faculty for foreign citizens is one of the oldest in Ukraine. International students after studying there continue at the main departments: MBBS and pharmacy. Teaching is available in Russian, for foreign students – in English.
At the Medical Faculty there are the following specializations:
 Medicine. Qualifications: MD. Duration – 6 years;
 Pediatrics. Qualifications: MD. Duration – 6 years.
At the Pharmaceutical Faculty there are the following specializations:
 Pharmacy. Qualifications: Pharmacist. Duration – 5 years;
 Technology of perfumery and cosmetics. Qualifications: Pharmacist cosmetologist. Duration – 5 years.
Postgraduate program is presented by training, internship, clinical internship in 28 specialties, as well as courses for doctors and pharmacists.
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