post graduate medical education in ukraine

study postgraduate medicine in ukraine

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Regardless of the country of study, all young people try to earn money. This is also relevant for Ukraine, where
education for foreigners is always paid. Therefore, almost every student has a question – can I work while studying in
Ukraine? And the answer is one – sure you can. Ukraine is a fairly developed country, so everybody have the
opportunity to earn some extra money while studying. The work is offered different, the search methods — as well as
in other countries — the Internet, special services in universities. In general — who is looking for, he will always find an
opportunity to earn.

Part-time job- can a student work while studying in Ukraine

  • McDonalds. As well as all over the world, youth in Ukraine have the opportunity to start their work
    activity from working in McDonalds and other eateries. It is very convenient to combine with study thanks to
    flexible graphics. In addition, the hottest season usually falls on vacation.
  • Supermarkets. Various supermarkets in Ukraine work without days off, and sometimes around the clock,
    especially the network. People are offered various positions with a flexible schedule or night shifts, which
    makes it possible to combine with training. And later it may become a stepping stone in the career ladder.
  • Marketing. There is always a need the employees in the advertising market — promotions and promoactions
    are held, discoveries, youth can hand out flyers and business cards. Such work does not imply a specific
    schedule at all, but it gives more time to study, since most often the work of such a plan is offered on
  • Guys who are successful in their studies, the teachers themselves can offer, during their studies,
    internships at enterprises with which they cooperate. The best graduates of the course are usually provided
    with work before receiving a diploma.

Remote work

  • Translation. You always can earn some money on translations your native language. There are
    many opportunities for this — both the Internet and the national community. Also part time writing of various
    texts, writing and rewriting.

  • Tutoring is a traditional task, preparing future applicants, helping to write term papers and
    control papers to colleagues. Internet consulting is also popular.

  • Programming. Guys who studying programming, the question of temporary work is generally not worth it
    — the demand such work is there, it is important not to forget about training. But it is very good that in
    parallel with knowledge to get an experience.

So work and study in Ukraine for international students is quite affordable. It depends primarily on the desire and whether he can successfully combine work with classes.
In addition, the successful combination of training and work in all institutes, various forms of training are
provided — day, evening, and correspondence. Teachers usually meet a good student and may plan to change the
schedule of tests and exams. International students can work while studying in Ukraine on the same rules as
Ukrainian, in this matter universities are always democratic.
I would like to warn everybody — being carried away by the first job and the prospect of career growth, do not forget
about studying. Delaying exams — do not forget to pass them all the same. Very often, when leaving for work,
students drop out of school and are recollected on the verge of deduction or after it. Recovering and catching up
with your classmates is already more difficult. While working, the priority is to keep learning.