age limit for mbbs in ukraine
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What is age limit for MBBS in Ukraine?

For every foreign entrant who seeking good medical education with loyal prices, Ukraine is a perfect option. But, despite the easiness of admission to Ukrainian medical institutions, there are a few requirements that you should know before the entrance. Most often entrants are interested in age limit for MBBS in Ukraine, in addition to questions about fees and accommodation, of course. Is it really so important moment? Maybe someone of you makes no reckoning of this thing, but we must note it nevertheless.

Are you old enough to study MBBS?

If you are above 17 years old, then congratulations — the way is clear for you. Wait, that is not all! You also must be below 25 years on 31st December of the year when you going to enter the medical university or college. Do you meet these requirements? It’s mean that you have no obstacles in your aspiration of admission. Now, when you know the age limit to study MBBS in Ukraine and younger than 17, you can plan your further steps to main goal — get the basic medical degree.

As to those who older than 25, we’re sorry, but you have a little bit late in decision of building the career in medicine. Don’t be upset — you still have a lot of opportunities to realize your potential in some other fields and get the real success. Today you can finish different courses and become almost anyone you want! We are sure — if you really want to work in medical field and save human’s lives, you will undoubtedly make it!

What else you need to enter the medical institution in Ukraine?

Suitable age is not the only thing that entrants from India or from the other countries need to study MBBS in Ukraine. You also must have such package of documents:

  • Certificate of 10 class pass
  • NEET Scorecard
  • Medical certificate about state of your health
  • Passport size photographs and the copy of passport itself

The list that you can see above is not full and you can clarify the whole number of documents in our support. We will help you successfully complete the admission campaign and make you closer to the Bachelor of Medicine rank.

You can contact us anytime and know more about requirements and conditions for entrance to the institutions in this country. You have already known about MBBS in Ukraine age limit, but you may have many questions about other details. How to get more comfortable place for accommodation? How many it would be costs? What university is the best choice? These and dozens of other questions will be clarified for you.