pg after mbbs in ukraine
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What can you do after MBBS in Ukraine?

The time is come — you have a MBBS degree after studying in Ukrainian medical institution. What’s next? Even if you haven’t already finished the main course, it will be very useful to know what options you can choose after post graduation. There are many ways that you can go after MBBS in Ukraine and only you decide which one of them to prefer. Are you ready to look a little bit into the future?

Stay or return — build career in Ukraine or in India

We won’t consider the reasons why you have come to Ukraine for education or just going to do this, because it already was a lot of talks about advantages of medical school in this country. Let’s just rewind the events and see how is it going when you finally free from the classes and exams. After the graduation from university you can stay in Ukraine, for example. During the studying you meet new friends, get used to the place and maybe want to stay. And that is a great decision! You can start to practice or to raise qualifications for more career opportunities. By the way, there are a lot of great options for post graduation after MBBS in Ukraine.

If you will decide to come back in India it is also a good idea, because you will return to motherland with degree in medicine. It will allow you to become recognizable medical specialist, especially if you will pass the licensing exam like FMGE. Which option is most attractive — only you know it.

New horizons in Germany or in any other European country

Who says that you have only two options in choosing of country? What are you say about the perspective of getting PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine? That’s right, you can continue your education and improve your professional skills not only in Ukraine. European institutions also have great programs for postgraduates, especially if we talk about international students. You can even get the MD in UK after MBBS in Ukraine — just think how it exciting!

So, if we draw conclusions about all of this, there is what we got:

· Post graduation propose to you a lot of great options and open many doors
· It doesn’t matter where you going to improve your degree after MBBS in Ukraine
· In case of your returning to India, you need to pass licensing exam, but it’s just another advantage for you and your further career
· Ukraine can become your second home with wonderful opportunities in medical practice

Step by step — get the MBBS first and then your medical way will be easier

Despite all of your knowledge about admission and studying in other countries we want to remind you that you can get the MBBS in Ukraine after 12th course of the higher secondary examination. If you have any questions we pleasantly answer them and guide you in all steps of admission in Ukrainian institutions.