Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University

Admission conditions for foreign citizens

All foreign citizens having senior secondary school certificate or higher university/ college degree from a recognized academic institution are eligible for admission to National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsia (recognized by WHO). The language of instruction are Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Foreign citizens who don’t know the Ukrainian/ Russian language or having incomplete command of it may study the Ukrainian/ Russian language at the preparatory Faculty of the university along with the pre-university course.

Faculties available at the University:
Faculties of Medicine (specialties: General Medicine, Medical Psychology, Pediatrics); Dentistry; pharmacy (specialties: Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy);
Preparatory Faculty for foreign citizens;
Postgraduate studies in 53 Medical specialties.
The official period of admission:
To the Preparatory Faculty is August, 15 to November, 15 of the current year; to main Faculties is August, 15 to October, 01 of the current year; for the postgraduate studies is all year round.
Studies at the facilities of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and the Preparatory Faculty start from the 1st of September. Therefore it is desirable for the student to arrive in Vinnytsia a week before the education commences.
In work with foreign citizens we take into account their regional, religious, national, individual and psychological features, active acquaintance of foreigners with the history and culture of Ukraine, national tradition, life style of modern Ukrainian youths is carried out.
At the University favorable conditions for development of student’s creative activities are realized in musical, vocal, dancing, literary etc. studios.
International cooperation
The University staff actively collaborates with 20 partner international higher educational institutions in 67 international educational and scientific programs.
Material-technical basis: 3 educational buildings, modern equipment, research Centre and Centre of new information technologies, more than 780 modern computers, which are connected up to Internet, large library (500 thousand books), own printing house.
The Muslim Center and the Mosque function near the University.
At the medical university 6250 students are trained, including 2080 foreigners. In total about 44000 doctors, among them 2100 specialists of the highest level, possessing the Candidate’s and Ph.D., M.D. degrees, including more than 7500 foreign citizens from 106 foreign countries of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa) have been trained.

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