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List of medical schools in Ukraine — where is the best institutions?

There is a wide list of medical school in Ukraine, so international entrants have a huge vast of choice. This scenario immediately leads us to the question: which institution is the best one to choose? Every medical establishment in different parts of the country has its own advantages and proposals to students. Thus, the process of pre-admission includes research of most suitable and convenient option.
Let’s see what you got, Ukraine
So, what is the list of best medical schools in Ukraine among the highest educational establishments? We have some examples which are very interesting for foreign entrants:

    Kyiv Medical University UAFM — private institution founded in 1992 and recognizable by different science and medical associations and other organizations.
    Bukovinian State Medical University — establishment with modern structure, founded in 1944 and located in Chernivtsi — a city in the south-west of the country.
    Odessa National Medical University — one of the oldest institutions in South Palmira, founded in 1900. It has a rich history and great educational system provided by hundreds of honorable professors and academicians.
    Kharkiv Medical University — another old establishment located in a wonderful city that once have been the capital and now became a core of dynamically developing education in country in general.
    Ternopil State Medical University — founded in the end of 50’s of past century. There are 19 departments in structure of institution. TSMU has an interesting exchange program that provides students with an opportunity to travel and study in other countries.

And this list above is far from complete — there are dozens of other medical establishments that are worthy of your attention. It is hard to say, which of them is the best university to study medicine in Ukraine, because each of it can be a perfect option for every entrant individually.
Your own criteria of choosing
What is the main thing that matters for you if you consider the possibility of studying in Ukrainian medical institution? Is that suitable location or maybe a reputation of the establishment? And what about the educational programs, degrees that you can get, and cost of training and accommodation? All of this factors matter, but some of them are crucial for entrants.

Accreditation level and other ranks

Higher educational establishments have a so-called accreditation level. It is an index, which gives institutions more possibilities. For students it mean higher degrees and perspectives in work in future. All universities have a IV level of accreditation and it’s the highest bar possible. So, when you talk about the medical school ranking in Ukraine, be sure that every establishment has a descent rank.
Also, ranks of medical institutions are formed by several others criteria:

· Reviews and grades of students
· Quality of education
· Website availability and renewal of information on it on regular basis
· Modern conditions and technologies for study

Entrants are comparing all of these constituents and then choosing the place where they will get medical knowledge. Based on such medical school rankings, Ukraine has a large number of web resources where you can see and compare the best variant among the institutions.

Need an advice?
Yes, we know — it’s hard to choose. That’s why we always ready to assist you in procedure of choosing and admission to higher medical educational establishments in Ukraine. Don’t worry, it’s free. So if you need some advice, just contact us and it will be the first step in your enthralling journey to degree of MBBS or even to Medicine Doctor degree!
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