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TOP-4 reasons to study MBBS in Ukraine

You want to be a doctor, but upset about conditions of studying medicine in your country? Don’t despair — you have a great alternative in the form of Ukrainian medical education. Now you probably want to know what are the reasons to study medicine in Ukraine, right? Then let’s see what this country proposes to foreign entrants, who are dreaming of being high-qualified doctors.

№1: Wow, it’s really cheap!

We can assume that you are unhappy with the costs of medical schools and we perfectly understand the situation. At the same time it’s not a reason to give up and postpone your goals and dreams. There are a lot of schools to study medicine in Ukraine and all of them will pleasantly surprise you with the fees for tuition. You will immediately feel the difference in costs when you compare them to prices in different institutions of other countries. For example, total MBBS course in Ukrainian institutions costs $28 000-33 000 in average. In India, Europe or USA you can pay this amount only for one year.

Besides the costs of study, there is a pretty cheap accommodation in Ukraine too. Living in university hostel will cost you about $40-100 for a room with one or two roommates. Also you can rent a room in the city center.. Prices in this case depend on the number of rooms and on their conditions. Three-flat variants cost about $600, but you can find cheaper proposes. Anyway, with our help you will get the most convenient option for accommodation.

№2: Dozens of years that define the recognizable quality of education

You may ask yourself: why should I study medicine in Ukraine if education there is so cheap — it probably means the low quality of it? This is a delusion. Medical school in this country exists for more than 200 years and this time was enough to form effective system of education with professional teacher staff. There are a lot of academicians and science doctors who will share with you the knowledge and practical experience of many years of hard work.

Under the strict guidance you will go deeper into the study of such medical fields as:

· Pharmacy and general medicine
· Dentistry
· Surgery
· Pediatrics

Each direction has a several subjects that you will study and then pass exams.

№3: Admission is easier than you could imagine!

Study in English, no IELTS or TOEFL tests — sounds unreal? But that is true! You don’t need to pass difficult language exams to enter the medical school in Ukraine. Is it worth to say how it’s simplifies the whole admission process? The only thing you need to pass — is pre-admission courses where you will get to know the basics in general subjects and will be prepared for entry exams.

With such loyal requirements and conditions, there is nothing surprising about why foreign entrants are so interested in Ukrainian medical education. There are not as many attractive options in educational field, so you should think about it.

№4: All paths are open before you

Does the medical diploma from Ukrainian medical school so recognizable as everyone talking about? Yes, it does indeed! Thousands of graduates are working around the world and have reached the impressive achievements — some of them even opened their own clinics or private cabinets. This indicates that the studying was not in vain, and all the knowledge those students learned in universities, now serve for the public and personal success.

We can say without any exaggeration that you will be proud of yourself when get the MBBS degree or even higher rank. Besides, you can enter the postgraduate faculty right after the ending of Bachelor course. So, what do you say now? Wait, wait — we know, it’s something like: I want to study medicine in Ukraine, isn’t it? If the answer is positive, than contact us for getting full consultation and guidance for admission!