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The long-awaited party this summer of Leader Education has come to an end, which took place in the nightclub ITAKA.
Examinations passed, the session was closed and now you can rest.
Bright dances and interesting stories of participants simply fascinated.
Improvisation gave the opportunity to reveal each participant. Congratulations to all participants on their successful performance!

1. Mandeep Satyarthi

2. Muskan Sihag — Leader Summer Queen internet version

3. Ashutosh Jain — Leader Summer King

4. Abhishek Rajput

5. Sambhav Khare

6. Muskaan Tiwari — Leader Summer Queen

7. Sonali Mohanty

and also a huge thanks:

and Ramish and Poojitha too thank!
Aman, you are an excellent anchorman!

Guys after a couple of days they leave for India, they want to wish a good summer. Get strength and meet in September!