Sumi national Medical university
Sumy State University, MBBS in Ukraine, is a popular choice among Indian students looking for MBBS in abroad. The college is located in Sumy Oblast, which is in the northeast region of Ukraine. The college has various branches and has more than 13,000 students enrolled in various programs out of which about 1,300 are foreign students from almost 50 countries, including the USA, Europe, Africa and India.
The Preparatory Department at SSU offers Russian and Ukrainian language courses to help foreign students succeed. Moreover, the Medicine course is taught in English.
Medical Institute Provides
• Close cooperation with leading medical educational institutions and hospitals of Ukraine (P.L.Shupik National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Institute of Children and Adolescents Health Care of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine etc.);
• Fundamental and applied medical science research;
• Academic process, based on the credit-module-rating system (ECTS – European Credit Transfer System). Due to that, professional training of our medical students meets European education standards (Bolognese process). It enables our students to master medical specialization at any higher educational establishment of Europe;

• The Ukrainian, English, Russian languages of studying;
• International conferences, academic exchange, summer students trainee in USA and Turkey;
• Sumy State University holds top-position in the Ukrainian universities rate (according to results of the All-Ukrainian Contest of students’ research papers on medical sciences and according to great number of winners at All-Ukrainian Students Competitions);
• Immutably high level of knowledge of students and interns (according to licensed tests “Step-1”, “Step-2”, “Step-3” held by Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine); Opportunity of simultaneous studying at the Department of Military Training of Sumy State University;
• First working place for graduates is ensured;
• Issuing a magazine “Sumy State University bulletin”, series “Medicine”, recognized by Highest Attestation Commission of Ukraine;
• Schooling professionals at Master academic programs, clinical studies and postgraduate courses;
• Medical Institute gives an opportunity to master honorable profession of a doctor.
Medical Institute provides schooling with specialization in “General medicine”. 6 years of studying results in receiving higher medical education of a state standard.
Studying at postgraduate medical faculty, students can specialize in internship and Master Courses on variety of medical specialties: family medicine, therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious diseases etc.
The SSU students’ city consists of four hostels where 840 students live. All students who want to live in a hostel as well as student families are provided with hostelries.
The University has recently opened a hostel which provides excellent residential facilities. The hostel each room is attached with kitchen is provided for students to cook food to their own taste. Students will need to supply their own kitchen utensils. Meals may be bought from various food outlets. All the rooms are provided with heaters. Our hostels feature 24-hour access to security and emergency services, making it easy to get assistance when you need it.

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