Why international students in Ukraine prefers education to other countries

Quantity of international students in Ukraine amazes every year. Highest percentage of them are entrants of India. In addition to foreigner students from this country, there are also many people from Azerbaijan, Morocco and Turkmenistan, who are looking for education in Ukraine too. And why all of them are so interested of studying right in this country? Well, there are lots of reasons and we will talk about the main ones.

Loyal fees or high quality of education? Both!

For many, low cost of education is associated with the corresponding quality of it, but this is just a delusion. Yes, fees of tuition in Ukraine are very loyal and this fact attracts thousands of foreigners. It’s not surprising, because costs of studying in United Kingdom or United States, for example, almost 3 times higher. Despite all the financial questions, Ukraine can boast of the extensive educational system.

The list of establishments is represented by more than 200 institutions. Each of them is authorized and recognizable, and that is one of the most significant criteria for international students in Ukrainian universities. Some of institutions are founded over 170 years ago and during this time a solid educational foundation has been formed.

Most popular directions for foreigners in study

More often entrants from the other countries prefer different medical specialties. Computer science is also a very popular direction, especially today when IT-specialists have many great prospects to work abroad. Before the admission, international entrants are passing courses and preparing for entry exams.

Life beyond study — what is it?

Of course, the great value has an international students life in Ukraine apart of training. Foreigners open and find so many new for themselves:

· Cultural and social features
· Interesting places and events
· Friends and acquaintances

That is all good, but some foreigners often worry about period of adaptation to a new environment. There are no reasons to worry thanks to Leader Education assistance. We will help you on each step of admission and in all adaptation moments. Our program is intended for making the path of international students much easier, faster and comfortable.

Explore the country, get knowledge, and collect impressions!
Education in Ukraine is a perfect choice and option for all the foreigners seeking
self-improvement. Join the other proactive entrants in journey to new knowledge, discovers and professional opportunities!