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Sambhav Khare


Student of 2 course

My Story

Myself Sambhav Khare.I am in second course in Odessa National Medical University. I am from Agra ,Uttar Pradesh.And I am glad to say that I chose the Leader Education for admission in abroad because this company is far more better than any other as they provide every single detail about the University and city that a student should must know before admission. Every single individual in company is very cooperative .The company not only gives u the apportunity to fullfill your dream to become a doctor ,they also provide guidance throughout your journey of med school . When I arrived in Ukraine ,a staff member from leader Education came to pick me up from airport . Later on I reached to hostel it was good ,well furnished and the room contains everything which a student require like study tables ,proper lightings etc . And later on hostel management provided proper indian food and on next day I went to office for admission procedure which was really easy and fast .
I only needed to submit fees and give a basic exam which is mandatory for admission . Then after 1 week my classes started . It was a really good experience to have doctor’s apporon for first time and for this I would really like to thanks the leader education . Many students have misconceptions that there is no indian food in Ukraine but the truth is that in hostel you will get typical indian food . Like one should not need to worry about anything . I am totally satisfied with the company . The most interesting thing is that the company organises freshers party , special events on festive days ,annual trips on most popular places in the country . Conclusively my overall experience was good and I m glad that I opted the best in the best field.