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Saurav Singh

India , Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Student of 1 course

My Story

How did you choose University?
I got know about this university Dr.Ashu Rawat (leader education) . They told me every single details about this university.

What was the main in choosing of University? And why MBBS ?

Because the facilities here for my subject are second to none. AND I liked the approach this university takes to my course. FOR MBBS its like my dream come true and because of great reputation for MY subject.

Why did you choose Odessa?

Because it is very old city and rich in its culture and heritage and one more thing we can chill out here beaches and we can go for site seeing also.

How did you find Leader Education ?

I found with help of internet.

What was the first impression about company?

It was very good all the members of leader education were very helpful during my admission process and were very supportive too like a family.

What fears and doubts did you have?

I have a fear of my university curriculum and teaching methods but after coming here my all doubts were resolved within a week in university.

Few words about flight and hostel settlement ?

Flight journey was splendid and settlement there was no problem because of DR. ASHU RAWAT. and our favorite MS. VALDA ZAHAROVA they helped us alot.during settlement phase.

Hostel living how is it?

Hostel life is just outstanding here in Odessa hostel is provided by all basic amenities like wifi, hot water supply. you can check all necessary things about hostel in youtube channel of leader education.

Tell about communication with Ukrainian citizens

They are very helpful . Communication with them is very simple when you get know about Ukrainian language.

Academic achievements

Taking part in Social life

Yup, I took part in many social activities recently i worked with Dr.Ashu Rawat and my college batch mates to make a green corridor in our college campus . And also i got appointed as a class representative for my whole group in which i can tell every single problem of my group mates directly to the dean.

Plans and dreams

My plans are to be good human being before becoming a good doctor and dreams i wish i could get chance to work as a neurologist.