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Ukraine has a very long tradition of education with high quality, the oldest foundation has more than 440
years. During this time many world-famous scientists were brought up, many scientific works and developments
were created. The doors of the best establishments have always been open to students from all over the world. They
are offered training, practice and the whole range of Ukrainian hospitality.
Ukrainian High School offer very wide range of subjects. Almost every young man can find here something
interesting. Moreover, the cost of contracts and accommodation allows you to get a higher education, not even
being the wealthiest guests of the state. Free education is provided only for citizens of Ukraine.

What to pay attention while studying in Ukraine?

  • Corruption. Unfortunately, there is still a practice in many educational institutions to pay for the exam and
    get marks not for knowledge, but for the money passed. Of course, the fight against this phenomenon
    continues. And, ultimately, it all depends on the someone’s desire to learn.
  • Bureaucracy. Some training programs are hopelessly outdated, but there are very complex procedures to
    replace them. Tutorials may also be outdated. Although the situation has been improving lately, the
    management of institutions has gained more autonomy.
  • Institutes do not always have enough resources to conduct expensive research. Extremely rare is funding
    from outside organizations. Rectors are trying to attract, among other resources, grants from international
    educational organizations. So, despite the difficulties, the research still does not stand still.


  • Cost. Education, even in the best university in Ukraine, will cost much cheaper than foreign analog. Quite
    inexpensive accommodation and food — with excellent quality. Entrants are provided with dormitories,
    transportation benefits, etc.
  • Diploma. Recently, all major universities have been able to issue diplomas of education, which are
    recognized worldwide without additional verification. Sometimes it is possible to get two diplomas at once,
    studying in parallel two specialties.
  • A country. Ukraine is quite safe and hospitable, there are many students, there are various student
    organizations. There are many holidays, international festivals. Respect the traditions of other nations. So a
    resident of any country can feel quite comfortable in Ukraine.
  • The quality of knowledge. There are a lot of good teachers in Ukraine who are ready to share their
    knowledge with students. A lot of initiatives, new developments, promising work.
  • Perspective. Any student with a Ukrainian diploma can either continue his studies in any country of the
    world or apply for a job in the specialty without additional verification.

Of course, the quality of education in the first place depends on the desire of the anyone to study. In Ukraine, there
are enough opportunities for this — in addition to establishments, this includes a large number of libraries, the good
quality of the Internet, and a large number of symposia and seminars. Universities are in constant development and
open to young initiatives. In general, all foundations are trying to keep the quality of education at a high level — very
high competition, there are really a lot of institutions. They try to attract pupils with a decent perspective, a proven
name, a high-quality diploma and reliable knowledge. Therefore, foreign students are always welcome, all
universities are trying to support them and not to disappoint. Very important is the reputation created not just over
the years — in some cases for centuries.