common study abroad myths
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Ukraine has a very long tradition of education, the oldest university has more than 440 years. In the
structure of education in Ukraine, pre-school, elementary school, high school, high school, bachelor’s and
master’s are currently distinguished. High School offer very wide range of subjects. Almost
every young man can find here something interesting. Moreover, the cost of contracts and accommodation allows
you to get a higher education, not even being the wealthiest guests of the state. Free education is provided only to
citizens of Ukraine.

Problem of higher education in Ukraine —

  • Corruption problem. It’s the biggest problem in the most of Ukrainian institutes. Unfortunately, there is still
    a practice in many institutions to pay by the exam and get marks not by knowledge, but by the
    money passed. Of course, the fight against this phenomenon continues. And, ultimately, it all depends on
    the student’s desire to learn.
  • Problem of outdated programs. In the higher ed. system there are a lot of compulsory subjects left, as
    a result of which first-year students often complain about congestion. There is no possibility for
    students to choose their own subjects, absolutely all the subjects of the program are mandatory to learn.
    Unfortunately, there is no variation in learning. This, by the way, often serves as an corruption’s excuse by
    someone who often do not want to study subjects that they consider unnecessary and unnecessary, prefer
    to pay, instead of spending time on studying
  • Bureaucracy’ problem. Some training programs are hopelessly outdated, but there are very complex
    procedures to replace them. Tutorials may also be outdated. The situation has been improving lately, the
    management of institutions has gained more autonomy. Although many programs were developed in the
    last century — and have not changed since.
  • Financial problem. Universities do not always have enough resources to conduct expensive research.
    Extremely rare is funding from outside organizations. Rectors are trying to attract, among other resources,
    grants from international edu. organizations. So, despite the difficulties, the research still does not
    stand still. Although the situation has recently changed — universities have gained more autonomy and can
    decide where to spend the money coming from contracts.
  • Of course, problems of higher education in the first place depends on the desire of the youth to study. Problems of
    education in Ukraine don’t close a lot of possibilities — in addition to universities, this includes a large number of
    libraries, the good quality of the Internet, and a large number of symposia and seminars. Universities are in constant
    development and open to youth initiatives. In general, all universities are trying to keep the quality at a
    high level — very high competition, there are really a lot of institutions. But number of applicants some years become
    less. They try to attract students with a decent perspective, a proven name, a high-quality diploma and reliable
    knowledge. Therefore, foreign students are always welcome, all universities are trying to support them and not to
    disappoint. Very important is the reputation created not just over the years — in some cases for centuries.
    All problems of high education in Ukraine can be solved the nearest year — a large structural reform is being
    developed in addition to the Bologna process implemented in the 90s. So, universities have a great future
    in scienc, which makes it quite promising to foreign students.