post graduate medical education in ukraine

study postgraduate medicine in ukraine

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The features of postgraduate medical education in Ukraine

After getting of MBBS degree you have a choice: start working in some hospital or clinic, or continue your education and become more valuable specialist. It’s very difficult indeed, because you must spend another 2-3 years on studying. At the same time it opens more opportunities and further perspectives in career. That is especially attractive if you are considering postgraduate medical education in Ukraine. Despite the significantly lower costs, you have a wide choice of medical establishments for improving your skills after the basic course.

Why graduates are more often prefer to continue education?

Everyone is looking for a better life and if you have a chance to realize it, will you take this opportunity? The main question: does it match with your plans or you have a different way? If you don’t have Medicine Doctor degree it doesn’t mean that you will stuck on one stage and will not be able to get professional success. If there is a great chance to start the career without additional education, then why not use it? But, as a rule, higher qualification helps you get more impressive achievements in medical field.

It’s clear that if you will not take up a position, it will take someone else. Competition is raising and from year to year it’s getting harder to prove your dignity in comparison with other applicants. A few more years of studying can define your bright future as more serious and recognizable specialist, but again — you can build a great career without it too, under lucky circumstances.

Conditions and requirements of PG medical education in Ukraine

All the graduates who have finished basic course in one of the Ukrainian medical institutions can enter the additional program without any specific requirements. Of course, you need to have good grades in such subjects as biochemistry, pediatrics, anatomy, etc. — this is the main requirement for everyone who want to study postgraduate medicine in Ukraine. For those who got MBBS degree in another establishment, but want to increase their professional rank, there are slightly augmented requirements.

These students must:

· Fill the application form where current information is indicated about the address and telephone number
· Have a page with picture and data from international passport
· Documents and certificates of your MBBS or other degree

As you see, it’s pretty simple — to start study PG medicine in Ukraine independently from the country you came from. Costs may be different in every university, so it’s better to check on the official sites. Anyway, fees will pleasantly surprise you as well as the whole study cost in the country.

Which university is the best for PG studying?

There is no clear answer for this question. All medical educational establishments in Ukraine have a lot of advantages and convenient conditions for entrants and graduates seeking for the higher degree. You can read the reviews to simplify your choice and search for a list of TOP institutions. Compare all proposes, fees and additional moments, which will play the key role in your final decision.

Such cities as Odessa, Kiev and Uzhgorod are among the best institutions with postgraduate program. There are dozens of other options and if you in confusion of diversity, we will consult you and help you choose the right one.

The highest degree of your skills

So, this is it — the decisive moment when you can define your final goal about postgraduate education. Furthermore, now you know how easy you can get higher medical degree in Ukraine and it’s probably could motivate you. Considering all of this, it becomes clear, that sometimes it is worth to take a great opportunity and ensure your future.