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Poojitha Chirumamilla

State Hyderabad

Student of 1 course

My Story

What was the main reason for choosing this university? And why MBBS in particular?

I chose ONMedU as it comprises the biggest educational institutions in Europe. The educational system is very systematic. The fee structure is affordable as it is not very costly compared to the other countries. Honestly, for me the first thing I looked for was the practical knowledge. In India because of the high cost of MBBS which is not affordable by everyone, I had to choose ONMedU. The same degree is attained if done in India as well. To put the white coat on and treat people has been my dream since childhood. My mom supported me to know much about it and she increased my interest towards medicine. I’m making my dream come true with the same curiosity I had when I was a child. There was no doctor among my family members, so I decided I should be the first one who can take care not only of the others to cure them, but also to be a doctor for my own family.

Why did I choose Odessa?

Odessa is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It’s known as the pearl of the Black Sea. There are many beautiful places and beaches and it’s also the 3rd largest city of Ukraine. The cost of living is also very economic. One of my friends is already studying in ONMedU and he has recommended me this city as well based on his own experience. Moreover, the city is located on the seashore with a very fresh air throughout the year that is very healthy. Sunny weather is predominant here for the most part of the year that has the positive impact on the studying process.

What are your impressions about the company?

I opened the official page of Leader Education and contacted them, they made me stress free as all the documentation work was done by them. They provided me with several photographs and videos of the university and the hostel. I felt it is very comfortable and trustable to contact them about any information and queries. Generally, it is one of the best companies you can trust.

What fears and doubts did you have?

I didn’t have any specific kind of fear. I was nervous about being away from home as it’s my first time that I’m in a hostel. But after coming here and time passed by I made good friends and we are like a family. Technology helps me to have video calls to my mom and talk to her every day.

Can you please tell us few words about your flight and the hostel?

I live in Hyderabad so it was quite a long journey for me. I was joined by many other students from different places at the New Delhi airport. We were provided with food in the flight and during the transit time in the Istanbul airport. As we reached Odessa, the Leader Education Customer Care Manager has personally met us at the airport and we had a very smooth transportation arranged for all of us.

Hostel living how is it?

The hostel is quite good with the basic requirements. Seniors also stay in the hostel and help us a lot. The rooms are well furnished. We also have the markets and stores nearby which is an advantage. I have a roommate and she is very nice and lovely. Students can choose the room they want to live: either single or shared one.

Tell us please about your communication with the Ukrainian people and how you take part in social life.

I join and participate in all the events organized by Leader Education on special occasions. The Ukrainians are also good and kind as most of them love Indian food and culture. They are quite friendly. Since my childhood I am fond of dancing and I had a perfect chance to show my talents here as well. I took the 1st place at the song and dance contest arranged for talented students in Odessa and now Ukrainians in Odessa know that Indians are very talented.