How to become our partner?

Leader Education Pvt. Ltd is an official license holder authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine since 2013, with granted right to enroll students from all over the world. We have a unique approach to our recruiting process because we want to ensure that we place the most advanced, knowledgeable and coherent teams to ensure our clients and our colleagues are all thriving in their roles.

Our work includes:

  1. We strive to give wholehearted personal attention to every single student in a friendly manner.
  2. Our staff members are flexible in time and take assignments that best suit yours.
  3. We enjoy our work and give highest importance to your requirements.
  4. We are distinctive in the quality of our services and stand out of the crowd. We provide right advice for right course, we provide any help for each of the student.
  5. We are not afraid of difficulties. We solve it immediately.
  6. At right place in right time. We establish valuation for the choice you make about your higher education pursuit. We help you to discover and recognize your potentials.
  7. We provide help with application for admission, invitations and visa process.
  8. Once we take an assignment, we carry on our work on time and follow correct procedures.
  9. Our target is to maintain 100% success rate always.
  10. We have a team of trained professionals that you can rely on and trust. With us, you will get services from the best in the industry.
  11. We provide accurate, factual and updated information only.
  12. We are sensitive to the information you give and maintain strict confidentiality.
  13. And last but not the least we are working for making people happier and to make their dreams and desires come true.

Why you should work with Leader Education

    1. We are professionally trained and certified education consultant, member of regulatory body and agent associations.
    2. We work with genuine education providers; possess local knowledge and industry specialization.
    3. We have high success rate in admission and visa application.
    4. We aim to give you extra value from the services you take and enrich our own value from our experience with you.

What will you get from working with Leader education?

    1. Access to huge portfolio of universities and colleges in Ukraine.
    2. Global exposures and opportunities to recruit more students with wider options.
    3. Expanded connections with our networks, stakeholders and industry.
    4. Opportunities to be introduced with our partner universities and colleges.
    5. Support from Head Office, training, accurate and updated information.
    6. Quick responses to queries, timely application submission and offer collection services.
    7. Access to our expertise, transferrable skills and knowledge.
    8. Good commission, bonus and rewards for success.
    9. Respect, recognition and 100% honest service.

How to become our PARTNER?

We request all prospective agents to complete the online new agent application form

Please email us your documents to one of these e-mails

Regional manager Ms.Vlada

Your letter has to be included:

  • PASSPOST of representative (official body).
  • Company’s registration document.
  • Full Addresses and location.

Alternatively you may contact us and we will call you back

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