Study Abroad Parent Guide
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Tips for Parents of Students Studying Abroad

For students enrolled to study abroad, the new school year is a new emotion and impression, but not less than the students themselves are experiencing their parents. After all, most often the first time their children find themselves on their own in a foreign country, far away, without the opportunity to come often. Sure, the parents are worrying. But we have some tips, that can help students abroad parents.
Some tips for parents

1/ First of all, believe in your child. Yes, he/she is already adult, and can live without parents. And your little child can be motivated enough to study abroad his homework without you. It will be much easier to your child to learn from afar if he knows that you believe in him. Do not forget to support it, if study abroad will begin with failures. This happens, the first results are not so important. All exams can often be passed again. Convince the child that the most important thing in school is perseverance and the desire to bring everything to a successful end.

2/ Do not try to organize hyper-care. Do not call him very often, do not demand daily reports. Even if you do not know what he ate for breakfast — believe me, he is not hungry. Will be hungry — eat. Run out of money — call. Let go of your child. Student years are the most interesting time in human life. There are always new acquaintances, new feelings, new emotions. Give your child the opportunity to experience it on their own, without his parents.

3/ But be near. Ukraine has a very good mobile connection, high quality and inexpensive. The Internet is almost everywhere. Therefore, it will be enough for you to install software communication. You can choose either a local operator card or international connection. The main thing is to give your child an emergency contact with you at any time.

4/ You can always request a visa and go see how your kid has mastered. But do not abuse it. He/She must learn to be an adult and independent. And during his student years you will be a welcome guest.

5/ Please keep in mind to arrange good system of money transfer. You should always be able to urgently send money to your student. This is life and situations are different, he may urgently need additional funds. Fortunately, Ukraine has a very well-developed banking network, including online banking. Also on the market there are many systems for instant money transfer. Find out all the details in advance and choose the best option to yourself.
Students abroad parents fears

The main fears of the parents are primarily related to his safety. As for Ukraine, this is a fairly safe country, of course, with some precautions. So that in the modern world, studying abroad has become much easier than 30 years ago, to a generation of modern parents. Consider that now there is a stable connection, developed banking. As for the usual student temptations, which often interfere with the student to engage in and have a bad effect on his progress — this has always been the case. Here your assistant will be a high level of motivation of your student.

What else I would like to draw your attention — certainly pay special attention to the documents of your students. They must be safe and complete. Check in time for the need to renew or update the data. Problems with documents often serve as a reason to return of foreign students to their homes and parents with the inability to continue studying abroad. Do not forget to make a set of copies of all your student’s documents — in the event of their loss it will be much easier to recover them. Remind your child that careful and responsible attitude to documents is a guarantee of his safety abroad!