Training of experts on specialty “Management” at the Odessa State Agrarian University is carried out at the Faculty of Economics – one of the largest and oldest faculties having the 55-year history of its existence. Faculty trains specialists of the new formation in management and marketing, economics and accounting, business planning, IT-technologies and modelling of economic systems.

The profession of a Manager is one of the most interesting and relevant in a market economy,  as a specialist combines basic knowledge in economics with management practices, has methods of planning, coordination, motivation and control, he is able to achieve strategic and tactical objectives of the organization in the changing conditions of the market environment. During training the students – future managers form charisma of a successful leader, the skills of management, allowing to build own career in various business sectors, academic institutions, public administration and so on.

Training of specialists in management is carried out by educational levels “bachelor”, “specialist”, “master”.

The priority of training experts in management is to ensure a high level of teaching disciplines. Students are offered the latest scientific and theoretical, and applied research in management  and marketing; relevant  information on  the  mechanisms of  state regulation  of business; advanced domestic   and   international experience;   qualified advice and   creative collaboration in research work. Learning to work in a team, make decisions and achieve results, learn new activities, solve problems creatively, work hard – this is just a small list of what students of ‘Management’ are taught. In the educational process the complex situation tasks, business games, Case-study, development of business plans and investment projects, advanced software for control of knowledge are used.

Much attention is given to research work aimed at theoretical justification of studied phenomena and processes, study of their current state and trends, development of specific proposals, models of management of enterprise and organizations. Scientific research is carried out on the material obtained by students during practical training in agricultural enterprises.

Disciplines of “management” specialty

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