Leader Education takes care that students from India do not have to deal with exhausting search for housing in Odessa. Therefore, the hostel at the Odessa National Medical University is provided for the entire duration of the training. These are comfortable rooms with all utilities that are located close to the educational institution.


The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable life. 24 hours a day/7 days a week you can use hot and cold water, gas, electrical appliances, and six months a year during cold weather, the premises are heated. Furniture and bedding are also provided. Cozy and clean rooms are created for a pleasant rest and educational process. In such a hostel you will feel like at home.

We know how difficult it is to find a home in Odessa yourself. Even for the residents it can turn into a big problem. This process takes a lot of time and efforts, since you need to find the right location, the optimal cost and avoid cheating from the landlords. We will allow to leave all these problems aside and guarantee comfortable accommodation with a choice of options in single, double or triple rooms.


One of the main advantages of accommodation in the hostel is its low cost in comparison with the other housing in the city. The students of medical university will be your neighbors. This is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and spend time in good company.

There is the clean park area around the hostel for walking and recreation with the excellent infrastructure. During your spare time you have the possibility to visit the gym or spend several hours reading interesting literature in the reading room. After all physical and spiritual development is an integral part in achieving the success!

The cost for accommodation depends of the selected utilities:
— payment for an ordinary room is $ 850 per year;
— Payment for  VIP room with new furniture and maintenance costs $ 1300 per year (such rooms are equipped with the own kitchen, fridge and heater).

The additional costs can include:

  • use of the Internet — $ 5 per month;
  • The cost of a full meal 2 times per day 1000$ for 10 month;

We try to provide the best conditions for comfortable staying and life of our students. To create the optimal conditions for education in Ukraine and you have the warmest memories and emotions!

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