Kyiv Bogomolets National Medical University
The University derives its name from the famous Physiologist — Alexander A. Bogomolets. By virtue of the academic excellence of the alumni and the expert faculty members, the university is highly regarded in Ukraine as well as in Europe. People from across the globe, aspiring to become successful doctors fly to this destination to achieve their life goals and contribute to the greater good of the humanity.
The University offers multicultural environment to the students. People get global exposure in terms of traditions as well as culture. The University offers degrees like MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, MS and Nursing which are perceived a worldwide round the world.
• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Stomatology
• Faculty of Pharmacy

The University has a huge game complex with exercise centers, football stadium, sports ground for handball, volleyball, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a wellness club.
Everybody at Kyiv National Medical University are encouraged to participate in different social exercises, sports, courses, meetings and examinations held in colleges. Many international competitions are also conducted on a yearly basis, to provide optimum exposure to the students and help them grow holistically.
MBBS in National Medical University is considered to be the foremost choice for every International and Indians guys for admission in MBBS universities in Ukraine due to the fact that we gives the highest priority to scientific research development in Medical fields. Bogomolets have many national and international collaboration for joint research and development, study exchange program and participation in various activities like cultural, sports and academic competitions.
Bogomolets has even developed a joint medical research Centre with Government of Ukraine which involves the highest level of scientists and academicians.
Bogomolets National Medical University has been trai ning more than 15000 of people every year and has trained more than 85000 medical practitioners till now. We aims to train more and more International guests in low-cost MBBS in Ukraine so that the trained professionals may serve their respective country and humanity. Indians are preferred in UA due to political and cultural harmony among the two nations.
Bogomolets updates its infrastructure, course contents regularly according to the latest and leading technology available for teaching and recent developments in Medical sciences. Bogomolets has a teaching hospital in its campus which is the largest hospital in UA. Hospital treats more than 4 lacs patients annually. Many patients from neighboring countries also visit the Hospital for treatment of critical illness also. Bogomolets hospital also serves as the teaching hospital and is equipped with all latest medical equipment available globally for any kind of treatment of diseases.
Students passing may easily work as a medical practitioner or scientist across the globe.
Hostel and Mess facility
Bogomolets offers accommodation on their campus to all national and international people of the university. There are 6 dormitories which are well equipped with all required facilities like, comfortable, bed, table, chair, geysers etc. There is a separate arrangement for girls in Bogomolets University.
Hostel facility in Bogomolets is considered one of the most decent and comfortable in whole Ukraine.
Bogomolets Medical Un. has a big mess and dining hall. Fresh foods are prepared with proper hygienic precautions so as to provide the best possible food to their students. Indians have an advantage as Bogomolets mess also prepare Indian food for Indian teens. You can enjoy Indian food in Ukraine which enhances their satisfaction of stay and helps them concentrate better in studies.

Reasons why you should choose Bogomolets Medical University

1.Location of University : located in Kiev city which is a capital of Ukraine and most developed. You can enjoy best facilities in the city and get immense opportunities to explore more of Ukraine.
2.Proximity of Ukraine from India : Flight duration from Delhi to Kiev is just 10 hours, hence it is very easy to fly from Indian to Ukraine and vice versa. Parents of the Indian students may visit the college whenever they need to very easily.
3.Quality of MBBS : This Medical Un. is one of the most prestigious National colleges in Ukraine. It provides greatest infrastructure and opportunity to enhance their knowledge and vision.
4.Opportunity in Scientific Research : Students are given immense opportunity to work with leading scientists of the world in the scientific lab. Students can work in leading research labs in Ukraine and contribute to development of medical field. This opens a new career path for students interested in research and development in medical field .
5.Part time jobs in Ukraine : Indian students in Ukraine are allowed to do part time job in the country; students are able to fund their entire day to day expenses through part time jobs.
6.Subsidized education and low tuition fees : Ukraine offers very low tuition fees for MBBS courses to students. Cost of MBBS is very low due to highly subsidized MBBS fees in Ukraine. Being a National Medical University it has very low tuition fees for MBBS courses. Bogomolets offers highly affordable MBBS fees for Indian students .
7. Opportunity to work globally : Students passing MBBS course are offered to stay in Ukraine and work there. Indians are offered Permanent Residency of Ukraine if they wish to stay. More over being recognized globally, Indian doctors may work globally in any country and all leading organizations as per their wish. Hence, studying MBBS from Bogomolets opens the door at global level.

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