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Is there any difficult or tough matters in MBBS? Let’s have a look on medical education. The abbreviation MBBS expands itself to mean Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.  One of the most prestigious but uneasy degree not only of the recent times but since generations, there is one of the most difficult and challenging courses of higher studies. The seriousness and importance of this specialization can be analyzed by the fact that this is an amalgamation of two major degrees in the field of medical, included in one domain. MBBS is an Undergraduate Academic Degree Course that entails the study of medicine and surgery. And getting a diploma is tough — it takes long time with books and tutorials. Regardless of their specialization, initial few years of study every have the same matters. Which is the most difficult subject in MBBS?

Total subjects are look like these:
• Human Anatomy
• General Medicine
• Orthopaedics
• Human physiology including biophysics
• Introduction to Humanities and Community
• Biochemistry
• Radiotherapy
• Ophthalmology
• Psychiatry
• Dermatology and sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Ear, Nose, and Throat
• Paediatrics
• Forensic including toxicology
• Gynaecology
• General surgery
• Anesthesiology
• Obstetrics
• MBBS Specializations

Which is the toughest subject in MBBS first year – more difficult and tough is anatomy, because a thorough knowledge of anatomy is essential with any further subjects. None become a good doctor without perfect understanding of matter. But – you know that only bones in the human body are more than 200 — and each has its own name in Latin. So it’s really the hardest tough subject in MBBS, according to most students’ opinion. In addition, it is underlies any subsequent special subjects, be it paediatrics or ophthalmology.