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Mehran Mansoori

India, Indore

Student of 1 course

My Story

How did you choose University?

I chose Odessa national medical university as it is the most prestigious medical faculties

What was the main in choosing of University? And why MBBS ?

The main reason for choosing MBBS are as follows:

-It has diverse career opportunities for graduates.

-It helps in gaining ability to help people directly and make them happier.

-It is also a recognized field.

-Status and respect in society.

Why did you choose Odessa?

Odessa is a better place to live in. It has pleasant climate and lots of scenic places to be moved

How did you find Leader Education ?

I found Leader Education through its social media’s link.

What was the first impression about company?

Quite satisfied and it didn’t led me to have any queries because it has got solution for every problem.

What fears and doubts did you have?

Yeah, like everyone I had doubt about the teachers and the value of degree, but later on got to know that it is under European Union and has got the highest value worldwide.

Few words about flight and hostel settlement ?

Flight service was to the content and it led me no problems and hostel settlement is good and well.

Hostel living how is it?

Hostel living is peaceful as well as joyful because there is study atmosphere all around. So very much pleased by it.

Tell about communication with Ukrainian citizens

Ukrainian citizens are very sweet and helpful.

Academic achievements

Can converse in Russian, Ukrainian language.

Taking part in Social life

I am an active participant in every social life activities that is being carried out here

Plans and dreams

I want to be independent and secure my future by becoming in demand  doctor everywhere.