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The students of «Leader education» got a unique opportunity to become participants of the traditional meeting with the rector of ONMEDU Dr. Valery Zaporozhan, learn about nano-technologies and the strategy of development of the healthcare system in Ukraine, and ask the leader questions of their concern.

On December 13, the annual meeting of the rector ONMEDU with students took place. This tradition is embodied every year in various formats. This time active students of «Leader education» could talk with the leader of the university in the form of direct dialogue.

The Rector shared important aspects of improving the overall healthcare system in the country, primarily by providing excellent education for its graduates, as well as research and impressive international cooperation.

The students were also interested in the annual meeting of the European Council and the College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Brussels, where the rector took part and managed to agree on cooperation with EBCOG with a view to reforming the healthcare system in Ukraine and introducing modern technologies to improve the skills of obstetricians and gynecologists over the country

The meeting ended with a kind and friendly note, the rector wished the students success in their studies, creative inspiration and is confident that in the future they will adequately represent themselves and their university in the whole world!
We express our gratitude to the rector Dr. Valery Zaporozhan for the opportunity to learn from the leader’s experience, to learn more about new medicine technologies and to find answers to important and relevant questions for today’s students.