life of first year mbbs student
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MBBS subjects in Ukraine that you will study in first years

First 2 years in colleges and universities are considered as most difficult in case of studying.
It’s related to huge number of subjects and information that you need not just to understand
and remember, but also use in practice rightfully. Of course it may seem very hard for
freshmen that have just entered the medical institution. It’s not so scary as you probably
could have think already. Yes, there are a lot of disciplines and you should be ready for
intensive studying process, but ​MBBS subjects in Ukraine​ really interesting and they won’t
squeeze all of your energy and time.

Syllabus of studying program in the beginning

Main course of 1st year MBBS in Ukraine consist of 4 blocks of disciplines that include
dozens of subjects. Those blocks are:

  • Biochemistry
  • Anatomy and Histology
  • Physiology
  • Behavioral sciences

Each of these disciplines is necessary in every medical institution and forms the basic
knowledge for every future specialists and that is important. For example, in course of
Anatomy and Histology you’ll know the structure and detailed features of Skeleton,
Lymphatic and Cardiovascular systems, Joints and Muscles. Also you’ll know much more
about cell, epithelium and other histological topics. To know more about ​MBBS curriculum
in Ukraine​, you can find the syllabus online on different educational websites about
studying, or even download it. By the way, for ​MBBS syllabus in Ukraine PDF​ file is
available free in the world wide web.

And here are the sophomores!

When the first year of studying is successfully completed it’s time to complicate program with
new disciplines and improve your knowledge! You want to know what are ​2nd year MBBS
subjects in Ukraine​? Here they are: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, General Pathology,
Pharmacology and Therapeutics. These blocks, like in the first year program consist of
several topics that will significantly expand your knowledge and put you to the next level.

Does it demand from you more efforts? In some case — yes, but on the second year of
studying you’ll be more calm and reasonable in comparison with the first. It’s mean that the
whole process of consuming the new information will be a little bit easier, despite increased
difficultness of program. Considering all this, it may be said that the ​subjects in MBBS in
Ukraine​ are not something extremely awful if you study diligently.

Aware means armed — prepare for study medicine in Ukraine

When you know the list of ​subjects of MBBS in Ukraine​, you know what to expect from
educational program. That’s adding you more confidence before new academic year and
help to understand new information better. With ​MBBS syllabus of Ukraine​ you can buy