books for MBBS 1st year
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A bunch of books for MBBS 1st year — which of them is worth to read?

First year in medical institution is full of impressions: new stage in your life, new meetings and friends, new places — if you chose education in Ukraine or any other country. That is all great, but don’t forget about the study! Since we started talking about it, let’s find out what books for MBBS 1st year you can start to read and impress classmates with your knowledge. Several authors in different fields of medicine have a really good books and they definitely will be useful for you in the beginning of studying.

Fill up your knowledge and be prepare for any exam

The amount of special literature that you have to read during the getting of MBBS degree is tremendous. That’s why every medical specialization has so long term of studying and demands from students a lot of diligence and attentiveness. Depending on that what you read in first year MBBS, you will form solid foundation for further success on the exams and as a result it will help you in medical practice after studying.

There is a list of most rated books that we can recommend for you:

  • Handbook of General Anatomy, Chaurasia B. D.
  • Biochemistry, Satyanarayana
  • Inderbir Singh’S Textbook Of Human Histology With Colour Atlas And Practical Guide, Vasudeva Neelam
  • Guyton & Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology, John E. Hall
  • Gray’s Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice, Standring
  • Essentials of Medical Physiology, Sembulingam

All these books MBBS first year you can find in online stores like Amazon, or even get them free if you will search deeply in Internet. Whatever a way you will get the books, you won’t regret it, because the information from them has been written by recognizable professors and Medicine Doctors with decades of years of experience and practice in medical field. You don’t need to choose, which of enlisted MBBS 1st year books you should prefer — all examples are worthy of your attention.

Need more books! But how to know, which of them is really good?

If you want significantly expand your own mini-library, you can also search for many other books. Use for this different reading portals, pay attention to reviews and comments of those who had already read the book, which you consider to buy or download free. You haven’t much time to read every book about anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and other subjects — don’t forget about your personal life. So choose books for first year MBBS thoroughly. At least now you know what popular medical literature will help you to get better marks during the academic year!