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There are a lot of young men living now in Ukraine from different countries. And it’s really important – is it expensive to live in? And how much it cost? I can reassure parents of applicants – living here as foreigner is cheap enough to get pleasure from it. You can have good food, clear water, comfortable apartment, interesting free time – and all in reasonable money. If you are living in the country as a student — you will have additional privileges in the form of providing a small price the hostel, discounts on transport, both urban and suburban.

Living expenses in Ukraine for students:

cost of appartment international guests

Accommodation. As usual, students can live in hostels, and it will be really cheap, about 80 USD per month. Sure, conditions are far from ideal, most of the rooms need to be repaired, common areas are untidy. Renting a separate apartment will cost from 80 to 200 dollars, depending on a city, which can be divided between roommates. The bigger city – the more expensive rate.

Food. There are a lot of farm products here in the country, a lot of vegetables and fruits. The locals have always been famous by their rich, tasty and varied cuisine, besides eating well may be quite inexpensive. Ukraine has a lot of markets with fresh products of very good quality. So you must not worry about the feeding of students.

Food cost

Drinking water. One of the country’s significant advantages is its provision of clean drinking water which cost about 1 USD per bottle. There are even sources of mineral water with healing properties in different areas. In addition, it contributes to the development of such a field of medicine as balneology.

Water cost

Free time. In addition to its own rich culture, Ukrainian cities gladly accepts foreign culture, new holidays and festivals. Young people do not happen to be bored. People have many good libraries, hubs and coworkings in help to studying which is free.

Internet. Everything is great here, the Internet in Ukraine is almost everywhere and inexpensive. Almost everywhere in public places we have free Wi-Fi. Mobile communications are also relatively inexpensive and of high quality. There are a large number of mobile operators and Internet providers in the market, which ensures a high level of competition and, consequently, a high level of service for 8 — 10 USD per month.

Cleanliness and hygiene. UA is a fairly clean and tidy country for living. Recently, it is a tendency to combat the littering of public places and restore order in parks and squares. There are many volunteer organizations that take on problems with stray animals, abandoned parks and places of memory.

Law. The situation with the legal field has recently stabilized. Law enforcement is being reformed; there are many patrolmen on the streets, who should always be contacted for help. Of course, different situations still happen, but in general everything is improving. Therefore, the rules and laws must be respected. Even the rules of the road.

Thus, living cost in Ukraine for international students is available enough. Of course, this largely depends on the individual needs of each enrollee. But in general cost of living in Ukraine for Indian students approximately equal to the cost of such a stay in India. Of course, students and any new experience – it will be interesting and entertaining, but Ukraine can really be considered very comfortable to learning and living of foreign students. 5-7 years of study are fast, informative, obtaining a diploma is a worthy reward during the period of study, if, of course, the student makes enough effort, and is not interested in leisure time entertainment. This is an inexpensive option to get higher education in a good university with reasonable money.