Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University
The main advantages about the University
1. This university of Kiev is a classical one with a research profile that is distinct and it is emerging as Ukraine’s leading academic, contemporary and educational hub.
2. The biggest status of classical research universities is underpinned by many staff academic achievements. Staff at this university comes with a massive range of achievements inn recognition with the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. There are additionally awards by the Ukrainian president for young academics and awards by Ukraine’s parliament to most talented scientists in basic and applied research and scientific and technological development.
3. Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University is a national university that awards junior specialists, specialists and bachelors and master’s degrees. Additionally, there are higher qualification post graduate degrees as well as doctoral degrees. Moreover, training and retraining programs are provided in as many as 14 specialists of qualification of junior specialists, 55 bachelors’s training programs and 49 areas of specialist as well as 98 fields of Master training programs.

4. The university has over 26 thousand students.
5. It employs more than 60 full time members and corresponding members of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, and around 626 staff members with doctoral degrees and 1645 staff with master’s degrees.
6. This university has other facilities and amenities as well including a Ukrainian Studies Center, Geology and Zoology Museum, Museum of University History, Interfaculty Museum of Linguistics, Informatics and Astronomical observatory and a unit for publishing and reprographics called Kyiv University. The Maksymovych Academic Library also has over 3,362,359 specimens of documents in inventory.
7. Today, the University comprises 48 departments organized into 5 faculties – Medical Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of International Students, and Postgraduate Training Faculty.
8. Accommodation for students is provided by a campus with comfortable halls comprising computer clubs, halls of residence, dance halls and cafeterias. For promoting a healthy lifestyle, Universities also have health and sports facilities on banks of river Dnepr.
9. This University formed bilateral agreements with 227 international educational and scientific institutes from over 57 nations. There are 180 foreign professors and lecturers from 32 nations visiting the University for collaborating in attending conferences, lectures and research. More than 1500 lecturers, students and researchers travel to over 59 nations. Close to 2/3rd of these took trips overseas for academic purposes such as conferences, research and training.

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