is it safe to study in ukraine
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Is It safe to study MBBS in Ukraine

For the majority of applicants who go to study abroad, this is the first independent departure from the borders of their native country. Therefore, the anxiety of their parents is quite natural: «Is the country chosen for training safe enough?» Many students choose universities in Ukraine. Is it safe to study mbbs in Ukraine? Their parents can be reassured — it is securely enough. Of course, there are enough problems here. Should some go there to study?
is ukraine a safe country to study
• First of all is corruption. There are cases when teachers demand money to assure the successful completion of the test. But if you prepare well, you can pass any exam on your own. Perhaps it will be an incentive to learn all subjects even harder. Is Ukraine good to study medicine despite this? Yes, as there are many really good professors and tutors to help anyone becomes a good doctor.
• Sometimes intolerance towards foreigners can occur, but such cases happen less and less. Most of the people here are tolerant and friendly enough to make life in Ukraine comfortable in case of foreign students. However, keep in mind that a good attitude on the part of local residents presupposes a corresponding attitude on the part of visiting guests — you must be respectful of traditions and customs.
• Language barrier. To feel free and safe here you should know local language, at least a little. Young people in this country speak English in the majority, but for contacts with elder people it will be better to have at least initial skills in Ukrainian.
• The crime rate is slightly higher than the average for Europe. But it does not cause concern if you follow the basic rules of precaution. Is it safe to study in Ukraine? Yes, since the crime situation is improving with recent reforms.

• Ukraine is quite comfortable and safe country. With quality homes, good roads, the availability of public transport, it is quite accessible to all guests.
• The tradition of higher education has more than 5 centuries. Strong enough teaching methods, a good base for preparing students. This is especially important for students of mbbs — the level of medicine is quite high, a lot of available information, good contacts with foreign colleagues.
• The country is very hospitable, quite friendly and cosy. Most of the residents are willing to meet and help foreigners who have encountered some difficulty.
• Public security system recently reformed and quite effective. In any cases every young man can feel free to contact the representatives of the rule of law and expect to receive assistance. At each university, curators are provided in help of foreign students who provide all possible assistance in any matter.
• In this country, despite the rather difficult political situation, are very low terrorist expectations. Cities not covered by the special operation are safe enough provided by other forces than army and some can’t see a lot of military on the streets.
• Ukraine has no problems with clean drinking water and high-quality food. Practically throughout the country there is wide access to good farming products, there are sources of mineral water in it.
So is Ukraine a safe place to study? Every year thousands of students from all over the world choose local universities to study and thousands of other young people already receive their well-deserved diplomas. Fortunately, the student infrastructure allows them to study and live in this place, having everything they need at hand. In addition, life here is interesting enough for youth, with many festivals and local traditional events. Thus, studying here can be considered quite safe for foreign students.