is ukraine mbbs good

is it good to study medicine in ukraine

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Is it advisable to study medicine in Ukraine?

Looking on the amount of international entrants every year you can ask the question: why study medicine in Ukraine is so popular? Different political situations could scare off foreigners from visiting the country, but in most cases that fear is exaggerated. Despite all gossips, Ukraine is still attracts tourists, entrants and businessmen from all over the world. And it’s especially worth noticing the young people who arrive to the country for getting highest medical education. Let’s find out why entrants prefer Ukraine over England or USA.

Significantly cheaper costs of education

It’s an obvious reason to most of people who know little about the fees for education in Ukraine and can compare them with fees in other countries. The difference in costs is about 2-3 times lower in Ukraine. Does it mean that the quality of education is respectively lower? Absolutely no — and that is another significant reason why medical education and education in general is so attractive for entrants.

Speaking of costs, the cheap accommodation should be mentioned as well. You won’t even notice living in hostel financially. As to additional expenses — there are no unexpected donations for study. So, what do we have:

· Huge money conservation
· Great education in recognizable universities
· Cheap accommodation in hostel
· Many other ways to spend the money without any effort for saving it

What about MBBS in Ukraine?

While considering the opportunity of studying you may ask the question: MBBS in Ukraine is good or bad? Since we are already told you about the quality of education in this country altogether, there are no doubts that the Bachelor of Medicine degree is worth getting it in Ukraine. First of all, this is due to the fact of easy admission and also of recognizable certificates that you will get by the end of study.

With MBBS diploma you can enter the postgraduate education faculty if you want to improve your rank as specialist and achieve more success. Or you can start practice and build the career right after the finishing of basic course. Yes, it’s real.

Is it worth listening to other students advices?

Entrants listen and see a lot of information when seeking the suitable university. Often this information is not true or highly distorted. So, when you think, is it advisable to study medicine in Ukraine or not, it should be considered, that a lot of facts you know about the institutions, may be false. We recommend search for all information on the official web sites or get it from the support.

Why should you be a bit skeptical to third-party advices? Sometimes it may sound and be presented as an obtrusive advertising. In this case it becomes clear that the main goal — is to attract your attention and it doesn’t matter if all you hear and read will eventually appear to be some nicely masked fake.

Equipment and conditions of studying

Is it good to study medicine in Ukraine when establishments can’t provide appropriate conditions of studying? Of course not, but Ukrainian universities have everything for the convenience of their students: modern equipment, clean comfortable lecture halls and laboratories, extensive libraries and sport complexes. Add to all this different activities of student life and you will understand how great is studying in Ukraine medical universities.

On the basis of all of this you can make a conclusion that the medicine education in the country is definitely worth it. Now, everything depends on your own decision — whether to enter the Ukrainian university or not. If you have some questions, we always glad to consult you and help on every stage of admission — just contact us.