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How many years is medical school in Ukraine?

Medical education is prestigious and perspective, but it demands a lot of time. Many entrants, who interested in getting MBBS degree often asking questions about duration of study. Especially it concerns the international students, for whom is very important to know how many time will they spend in another country. So, how many years does it take to study medicine in Ukraine if you are a foreigner entrant?

4D-education: different courses — different durations

The period of study in medical institutions depends on specializations that you choose. Basically, the course of General Medicine in most of establishments lasts from 4 to 6 years, so in order to get a higher degree most of students, of course, prefer choosing the longer course. As for another specializations, here are the periods for some of them:

· 3-4 years for Nursing and Physiotherapy
· 5-6 years for Dentistry and Pharmacy
· 3-6 years for other specializations

As you can see, a 4 year medical school in Ukraine is present in several courses at once. After graduation of these courses some students will begin practicing or would prefer getting a masters degree. What is the better way? It depends only on your individual preferences and plans for the future. And it’s not about the money — fees of tuition in Ukraine are very low. It’s rather about the time, because not everyone is ready to study full course of 6 years.

More information about the period of studying you can find on the official web resources of institutions. If you have not found the details, you can always contact the representatives of educational establishments by e-mail or phone. Also, you can get in touch with us and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Why are the durations of study so different?
You can ask the question: «Why am I suppose to study longer, when I can graduate after 3-4 years and start to build my career?». Of course you can, but, as we already said, it all depends on your own goals. Indeed, some graduates may start work as pharmacists or nurses after ending of basic courses and they are quite satisfied with this. And those who want more will continue their study to improve their knowledge and skills.

It’s also worth mentioning, that different duration of studying are differ because of list of the subjects. Longer courses include more subjects, the study of which is required a lot of time. We pay attention to this to dispel delusions that the institutions deliberately stretching a period of study.

Time-tested knowledge

You also may ask how old is medical school in Ukraine and how high is the quality of education in this field. You may be surprised when you find out that the medical school in the country exists more than 200 years. Such a tremendous time was enough to create a stable educational system that recognized throughout the world. In spite of it, the innovative methods of teaching are used in the establishments as well.

Thankfully to such a long period of existence, Ukrainian medical school is pretty successful among the foreigners. Just think about it — thousands of international students have been graduated exactly from Ukrainian institutions! Now, when you know how long is medical school in Ukraine lasts and how recognizable is it, you can become one of the students in establishment of this country.

Spend your time not only for studying
Howsoever you may be excited to get MBBS degree or higher rank, don’t forget about the number of interesting things besides the studying. Ukraine is ready to show you all of its cultural wealth and marvelous places that you can visit. So what are you waiting for — come and get it all! And be sure that you can always count on our support in every question about admission and accommodation.