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Freshers Party

In the center of Odessa city, in Kamasutra restaurant, on 19.12.15, student event “Fresher Party” took place. It was arranged by one of the most well-known companies, established in order to help students to study in the higher institutions – Leader Education. It was a special day for all foreign students, especially for the 1st course of ONMEDU.

Leader Education arranged this celebration in order to allow students to get to know each other better, to relieve tension from the previous changes in their lives, for everyone to be able to have pleasure, to have fun, to enjoy the delicious food and wonderful company, and just to have a good time with advantages. The whole evening was full of music, dancing, nice wishes and applause.

The program included hunts, where students showed their talents which pleased and surprised the jury and special guests of the evening, as well as useful motivation seminar conducted by our special guest – the Chairman of the board of directors of “Progress Pharm”, Mr. Anurag Kumar. After a little interactive with students, winners were awarded gifts and then, on this good note, the disco was started with delicious traditional Indian food.