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The adaptation program for all our new students is the key factor for Leader Education company. We do understand like no one else what it means to live abroad and stay far from your family, and how our students miss their home. That is why our adaptation program is aimed to show our students Odessa city with its main attractions. Every student should know that Odessa is absolutely safe city. Our students are well informed whom to contact in case of help if needed, about location of the pharmacy, shops, markets and supermarkets where they can buy neccessary fresh fruits and vegetables, location of the univercity and its library. To make each student feel welcomed, be informed and start the studying process on a very positive note, our company arranges a Black Sea tour for our students at one of the days during the adaptation program. As they say, coming from the aincent times, that water heals everyone’s soul, the one in sorrow will smile, and the one in happiness will be even happier. And here are the photos of one of those days of our adaptation program.